Jul 7, 2016

Signs that your date with a Russian woman is going on swell

If it is your first date with this particular Russian lady, you may experience a whole array of emotions. How can you be sure the date has gone as well as you have planned? What can you do to prepare for the date in advance?

It is an exhilarating thought – she will be there, waiting for me to join her. Before the date you will be full of anticipation and excitement, thinking about what to wear, about what she will be wearing and how she will react to the way you look. At the same time, you will also be worried about the chemistry that will either spark between you two or not.

It is quite normal to feel some nervousness before the first date, but you need to make certain efforts to avoid looking overly jittery. When you browse Russian ladies online try to single out those with higher education and some interesting hobbies – such ladies usually become devoted housewives. If you do your homework in advance, you will have much less to worry about before the first date – you will already know what the lady likes doing at her leisure time and what her professional aspirations are. Your initial nervousness will surely melt away if the Russian lady whom you meet for the first time knows something about you already and is attracted to those traits.

On the other hand, you better skip the date if you don’t feel emotionally stable, are very uncertain about the possible date outcome, are still healing from an unhealthy break-up with your previous partner. Remember, you don’t have a business deal sealed with this new prospective date, and she will always be able to understand your decision if you suddenly change your mind and explain yourself.

Actually, the very first two minutes of your date will be crucial and will let you know if you have a successful date. Does the ice-breaking conversation really break the ice? Does she smile broadly at you or has a reserved facial expression and hardly looks at you while you talk? Do you have a similar sense of humor? A lot of this will be clarified during the first two minutes of your encounter with this Russian lady. The lady who looked just perfect on the photo may look less perfect in real life and, by the same token, the same can be applied to you. It is of a great help to know you have some common interests and maybe even share the same political values. Finding as much common ground as possible is crucial for developing mutual trust and attraction.

Take note if your conversation is not flowing as easily as you hoped it would. Your partner may begin grilling you with questions – in this case try to wrap up the conversation and leave. Usually it is a sure-fire sign of insecurity, including the financial insecurity. After all, you are not applying for a job, a date with a lady should not make you uncomfortable. Another alarming sign is when the lady keeps talking only about herself, not even letting you tell her about yourself or ask meaningful questions.

Whether you two will become a vibrant duo or will remain solo depends on your mutual eagerness to learn more about each other. This exchange of personal information ideally should lead to forming opinions and assumptions, to being attracted to each other. All minor details are important, even the way she treats the wait stuff in the restaurant.

How the date with your Russian lady ends

How you end the date bears a lot of importance. Does she feel relaxed and happy? If so, you have had a great time together and she is likely to be eager to repeat the experience. If you are determined to date a Russian woman, you better do everything possible to please the lady on the first date. Russians, by nature and due to their social habits, are not very open to strangers, especially to foreigners, so breaking the ice at the very first date is the objective you should really be aiming at very hard. When you say goodbye, give her a hug and observe her reaction. If she hugs you back tenderly, you are doing good. If she recoils or doesn’t show any passion, it is a sign that something may have gone wrong. Don’t be too insisting, send her a message the next day. If she replies right away – you are on the right track.

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