Jul 15, 2016

How to Use Grosgrain Ribbon

Ever been in a store that sells ribbon and come across grosgrain ribbon?
Different ribbons have different uses and can be used for various occasions as we all may know.

So what is Grosgrain Ribbon?
It’s a decorative ribbon and has a ‘ribbed’ texture which gives it a slightly glossy look about it. What makes grosgrain ribbon appealing, is the fact that it is durable and is sometimes referred to as a ‘corded fabric’, available in a vast range of colours and can be used in a fashionable manner or even be utilized in such a way that gives it a ‘rough and ready’ look.

What you may not know is that it’s been around for hundreds of years. Seamstresses were using grosgrain ribbon as early as the 17th century! They used it when making jackets, petticoats and a variety of other clothing items.

How can I use it?
When it comes to using grosgrain ribbon, the sky is the limit. Allow your imagination to run wild when applying it to any event you’re planning for.

Below mentioned are just a few ways you can use this incredible ribbon:

1. Fashion Accessories
Grosgrain ribbon can be used to decorate the bridesmaids hair for a wedding (as an example). It can easily be attached onto a hairclip by sewing it or used as a bow around braids. While we’re on the topic of fashion, it needs to be noted that it’s the perfect solution for adding detail to clothing.

2. Wedding Decorations
Flower arrangements are synonymous with weddings and this type of ribbon can be added to these floral centerpieces.

3. Gift Wrapping
Want to make your gift to the bride and groom stand out from the rest? Why not add some personalised grosgrain ribbon to your gift. A grosgrain ribbon Australia printed ribbon specialist that comes to mind is Australian Printed Ribbon and they can easily add a personalised message or the names of the newly married couple on it.

4. Books
As we’re still on the topic of weddings, why not add some grosgrain ribbon to the wedding guest book.

The uses of grosgrain ribbon are only limited by your imagination. Should you run out of ideas, there are plenty of social forums like pinterest which can help you or simply just Google ‘pinterest grosgrain ribbon ideas’. You’re bound to find 1000’s of creative ways to use for special occasions and in day to day applications.

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