Jul 5, 2016

Interesting things to update your hair

Our everyday life dictates strict rules, so sometimes it is so hard to find a spare time to treat yourself. Being late for work, we usually grab our hair in a ponytail and run to catch a bus.But what if we say to you that there are some extremely easy and working ways to change your typical and boring look. Incorporate theses small things into your morning routine, and you will see the difference. Our professionals at Prestige Beauty Salon, NYC offer you top 3 upgrades for your everyday hair.

Tip #1 The loop                                           

It won’t take you any additional second to create this hairstyle instead of your typical ponytail. Create a simple low one and don’t pull your ends completely, leave a small tail on the side. If you have five more minutes, you can hide your elastic, wrapping one strand around the base of your loop.
Tip #2 Extreme blowout

Forget about sleekness and polishes of a blowout with a brush you usually make. Wash your hair and go for a brushless blowout. Your hair will turn to be extremely voluminous and soft waves will make your look natural and feminine.

Tip #2 A ribbon

If you still decided to wear a high ponytail, don’t leave it with simple elastic. Take a ribbon and make a small bow, hiding your elastic. Black ribbon usually fits any cloth, but you can choose any color you like.

Make an appointment at http://hairsalonprestige.com/, and our specialists will show you more interesting hair tricks to refresh your daily routine.

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