Jul 18, 2016

Some Interesting Email Marketing Campaign Plans for Guaranteed Success

Everyone must realize the importance of email marketing to any business. Moreover, one must always keep in mind that it is a pretty inexpensive proposition. You could easily incorporate it into your business marketing plan without any additional costs. Generating profit without having to spend any money is a hit idea and every serious and dedicated business would be considering it. The most attractive thing is the Return on Investment (ROI) which you could claim from an effective email strategy.

Email marketing software is quite similar to a gym membership. You buy the software with sincere intentions but often you tend to lose your motivation as there are numerous other things happening in your life. You fail to devote time and energy to it to see any remarkable benefits. This is certainly a sad state as email marketing is not at all difficult. As soon as your templates are ready and your lists are in place, you could easily create and even send an email in practically no time, in a jiffy!

If you get a couple of hours of free time, you could easily start a campaign without losing any more time, today itself. You must always identify ways of reimagining your strategy and presenting something novel to your email audience. Often you just need a gentle push and carry on. Take a look at some sure-fire success ideas for getting you started.

The Novel Thing: Suppose you have just introduced an innovative product or have managed to secure some brand stock, do not waste any time simply because it is not going to be sold on its own. You need to inform your best clients or email subscribers and tell them all about your innovative stuff. Get in touch with bulk email marketing services in Mumbai for all your email marketing solutions.

The Midweek Decline: There would be times when things could get a little bit slower and nothing much seems to happen during this time. Time-limited voucher codes could be the best way of tackling the slump or the slow sales periods. This could be pretty effective in boosting new trade.

The Pioneer: Have you been responsible for publishing a new eBook, a white paper or a blog post that surely deserves more attention and traffic? Email marketing would effectively drive in more traffic; it would be helping in boosting social shares as well.

The Thought of Shortage: Nobody enjoys the idea of missing out on any good opportunity or offer. If your stocks are limited, let the whole world know about it through email, and see how it vanishes in a jiffy.

The End-of-the-Line Discount /Sale: Every product is known to have a lifecycle. There is no point holding stock which would be costing you in constantly decreasing margin, as well as, storage. It is often a good idea to sell off the remaining stock, even though it could be at a loss. It is best to invest in new ideas and stock.

The Customer Survey: You must make conscious efforts to know more about your customers. You should understand and identify the things that they appreciate about you and those that they simply hate about you. You could use effective online tools such as SurveyMonkey for setting up easy and super quick surveys in a few moments. You could lure your customers by offering a token prize or a tempting incentive like offering a certain percentage of discounts for all those loyal customers who have successfully helped in completion of the survey.

The Cleansing Decision: If for some reasons your clients have become disengaged you need to give them a fresh chance to demonstrate their loyalty and care towards your organization and business. If these customers do not respond to your email, it is time to get them eliminated from your list. Email marketing is known to be low cost. However, if you send it to those individual clients who are not interested in receiving emails, this could become an expensive proposition.

The Re-engagement Plan: If some of your customers have not visited you for a long time, you must send them a warm and welcoming reengagement email. You could lure them with free shipping, training or insurance or some enticing offer. They would get the point and would soon be visiting you.

You must remember that just some small tweaks here and there would be enough to put your email marketing on top. Once it is back in form, you would witness better results. However, do not get disheartened if you do not see any instantaneous change. According to the experts, you must understand that marketing is forever a job in progress. Adopt the tried and tested formula. Show loads of patience.

Author Bio: Susan Carter is a senior sales consultant at GingerDomain.com. She writes prolifically on the various issues and concerns of contemporary online marketers.

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