Jul 16, 2016

Check out these kurti designs for a change

Kurtis are out-and-out popular among Indian women. Irrespective of where you are- at home or outside, you can look great in a kurti. Starting from special parties to places like office, class and market, you can wear them to anywhere without looking out of place. Since, they are available in so many cuts and designs; choosing one according to your taste is never going to be a problem.

All you need is an acceptable fashion sense and you are good to go. One thing that, however, needs to be kept in mind is that choosing a wrong kurti can mercilessly spoil your look. And therefore, you should not be coaxed into thinking that you can pick anything and everything from the market, just because you have got the money. Kurtis are a kind of ethnic dress, and like all other ethnic outfits they suit the wearer only when they are chosen right.  If you don’t know how to choose the right kurti for your personality then here is a guide.

Choose a long kurti if you have long and lanky legs. A short kurti suits both tall and short women. Fat people should refrain from wearing short kurtis and people with dark complexion should never opt for fluorescent colours in spite of their popularity. If you keep these few things in mind, you will definitely get the right kurti for yourself.

Now, comes to the aspect of design. There are so many kurti designs available in the market that it’s excessively easy to get blinded. To minimise such confusions, one should always know what’s in trend and what not.Generally, A-line kurtis and tail cut kurtis are overly liked. The reason why they are so popular is definitely their unique design.

A trail cut kurti is even more popular and is latest in design. What makes this design special are two C-cuts on both the sides of the kurti. If you are opting for a trail cut kurti, make sure you don’t go for a heavy material. Light fabrics like chiffon and georgette accentuate the beauty of such a kurti. You can team this kurti with a pair of leggings or jeggings-both go well.

Now, if you want a kurti to wear to a grand occasion such as a wedding ceremony, then opting for an anarkali kurti would be the best thing to do. The USP of these kurtis is that they can be found in a wide price range. There are less pricey and simple varieties that you can wear to work or the temple. There is also a heavier variety with lots of embellishments. Both the versions look amazing and enhance the wearer’s beauty.

For a change, you can opt for a floor sweeping kurti as well. Such a kurti is appropriate for occasions like a date night. These kurtis are not only elegant but also serve the dual purpose of a gown and a kurti. 

There are many other kurti varieties like Pakistani, straight cut, flared, indo-western etc in the market. No matter which out of these varieties you opt for, you are going to look enviably beautiful.

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