May 6, 2020

How to Include Your Kids in the Moving Process

: A boy playing in a box
Relocating with kids can be rather overwhelming. Apart from packing, transport, and unpacking, you have to take care of your kids who can easily hurt themselves on the day of the move if they are not careful enough. But, as the saying goes - Many hands make light work - you should try to include your kids in the moving process and you might be surprised how much they can actually help. 

Start with decluttering

Getting rid of the unnecessary is crucial if you would like to have an efficient and budget-friendly move. Why would you relocate the items you will no longer need? Think about it - you will be paying for their transport, plus they will occupy some space in your new home. Believe it or not, many people move such stuff only because they are too lazy to deal with them before the moving day. Why would you be one of them when you have your little helpers?
A teddy bear laying on grass
Include your kids in the moving process by letting them decide which toys they would like to keep

Kids can take part in the relocation process by helping you declutter before you start packing. That is actually one of the best moving tips for single moms. Let them decide which toys they would like to take to your new home. They probably have heaps of those they are not playing with anymore. Encourage them to separate those and think about what they want to do with them. Will they:

·         Give them to charity?
·         Sell them at a garage sale?
·         Give them to a younger relative, neighbor, or a friend?
·         Throw them away since they are not safe for play anymore?

You should do the same with their clothes, books and other possessions.

Older kids can organize a garage sale

After decluttering is done, your kids will have a load of stuff for a garage sale. They usually love such activities since they can earn some pocket money while hanging out with their friends outside and practicing their selling skills.

Kids can take part in packing

Assembling the boxes can be a piece of cake and a creative game for your children while it can be such a waste of time for you. So, when you get brand new boxes from, make your kids busy. Trust us, they will be more than excited about this task.

Once they have all the boxes ready for packing, give them a few so they can start putting their stuff inside and getting ready for the move. You can expect your younger ones to pack their toys, while older kids are able to pack clothes too. Keep them company just to make sure they do not overload the boxes.
A kid playing with an empty box
Kids love playing with empty boxes

Labeling is a perfect task for kids when you want them included in the moving process

Having all the boxes packed still doesn’t mean that the packing is done. Not knowing what’s inside any of them can make a total mess on your moving day, or when the time for unpackingcomes. Luckily, your little assistants can help you with the inventory lists, labeling, and marking the boxes. If they are not old enough to read and write, they can at least dictate to you. The younger ones will love sticking the labels FRAGILE or THIS SIDE UP! You can even let them decorate their own boxes. Give them some crayons, color pencils or whatever drawing supplies they like - that will keep them occupied for some time.

Cleaning is not only for adults

When everything is packed, it is time for cleaning. Even though you will have to do most of the work, your little ones can still help with some tasks. For instance, they can be given a damp cloth to clean the lower cupboards in your kitchen or some other pieces of furniture that are staying at your old home. Of course, you should make sure that your children do not get in contact with any chemicals, so keep an eye on them at all times.

Unpacking can be fun too

There is not so much your children can help with on a moving day. As a matter of fact, it is better to keep them out of the way when the movers arrive. Ask a friend or a family member to babysit or to take them out for the day to avoid injuries that can happen during the relocation.

Once the moving boxes reach their final destination - it is unpacking time! Make sure that the right boxes get delivered in their rooms so they can start unpacking their possessions. Kids can be very creative when figuring out the layout of their new living space. Let them decide what they would like their room to look like and make some suggestions if you think their ideas are not so practical.
Two robots made of boxes - a great way to include your kids in the moving process
So many toys can be made of boxes
Again, the moving boxes can be a great source of fun for toddlers. Once they are empty, they can help disassemble them or they can use them for a game. The best robots and dinosaur costumes are made of cardboard boxes! There are many tutorials you can find online if you do not have an idea on how to make these. Making toys using the material you have at home is one of the things you can do with kids during coronavirus quarantine too, so moving boxes are not only reserved for moving.

Include your kids in the moving process by letting them decide how to make a housewarming party

Moving to a new place can be stressful for kids. Many of them will find it difficult to adjust to a new school or town. You can help them by taking a tour around the new town and showing them the places of interest where they will be spending time - their future school, parks, sports facilities, etc. Meeting new neighbors can help too. And there isn’t a better way to meet them all but to make a housewarming party they would be invited to. Let your kids decide on the menu and decoration.

As you can see, there are many ways you can include your kids in the moving process. Taking part in most of these activities will be fun for them and it will make the relocation easier for you.

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