Feb 25, 2020

Moving Tips for Single Moms

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Life of a single mom is rarely a fairytale, so we can only imagine the amount of stress these fearless women need to cope with when moving to a new home. The list of tasks that need to be done before moving is endless. When you add it to the list of everyday errands a single mom runs, it all seems impossible. But, if anybody can do it, they can do it! Let's try and help them with some moving tips for single moms.

Plan in advance

The key to a successful relocation is in planning in advance and in accepting all the help you can get. There is nothing wrong with hiring people to help packing and settling in, just like there is nothing wrong with asking someone from your circle of friends to help you out with kids.

Making a checklist is always a good idea. When you start crossing out one by one item off the list, you will know that moving as a single mom is going to be yet another successful task you will do in no time.
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Planning in advance is one of the best moving tips for single moms
When is the right time to start planning your relocation? Well, that depends on a lot of other stuff too. Are you moving locally or interstate? How old are your kids? How many hours a day do you spend at work? How much money can you spend on moving? Can you rely on somebody else's help?

The best time to start preparing for your relocation might be some three months before the actual relocation. Again, your ideal timeline will depend on your unique situation and your answers to the questions above.

Lean on professionals

When planning a budget for your relocation, setting some money aside for professional movers is one of the best moving tips for single moms. You might think that the DIY method can save you a lot, but it can cause you so much stress and in the end, you will probably regret making such a choice. Of course, there are some ways you can save a dollar or two and still hire professionals. For instance, these are the tasks that you might do by yourself or with the help from your kids, friends or neighbors:
·         decluttering
·         acquiring the necessary moving supplies
·         packing and labeling
·         unpacking

Now, when it comes to loading, transportation, and unloading of your belongings, our strongest recommendation is to ask reliable experts, such as those from instamove.com to help you. Looking for a friend or an acquaintance who can help you with these activities would probably take too much of your precious time and it wouldn't be as efficient as hiring movers.

Accept all the help that is offered and ask for more

Now that you know why you should hire moving professionals instead of doing all the work by yourself, you should think about people who can assist you with preparations. If your kids are too young to participate in decluttering, packing and other moving activities, you should consider finding somebody who can babysit. When you have somebody reliable looking after the creatures you love the most, you will be more relaxed and more able to do everything that it takes to make this relocation as smooth as possible.
A person reading to a toddler
Ask a reliable person to babysit
Even if you manage to do all the preparations without anybody else's help, you should have somebody to keep an eye on your kids on the actual moving day. Your home is not a safe environment for kids when you have people hauling large pieces of furniture, carrying heavy boxes and fragile stuff around. Ask a friend, family member or a neighbor to take your kids to the park, cinema or wherever you feel they might want to go. They will be safe and entertained while your movers will have fewer distractions trying to do their job.

Involve your kids if they are old enough to participate

There are different moving activities your kids can help you with while preparing for the move. Although we do not give them enough credit for it, kids love to participate in such activities. Even toddlers can box up their toys or stick labels to the packed boxes. If your children are a bit older, they can help you decide which things should be packed for the move and which you should get rid of. By the way, doing the proper decluttering before packing for relocation will bring you multiple benefits - from helping others by donating your reusable items to cutting down your moving expenses since you will have fewer items to move!
Some old toys to illustrate that decluttering before packing is one of the best moving tips for single moms
Decluttering before the move will bring you many benefits
You can even encourage your children to make a yard sale with their friends. The money that they earn can be their budget for decorating their rooms in your new home.

Teenagers can help you with pretty much anything that's on your moving agenda - from gathering the moving supplies to packing and unpacking afterward.

Do your research in a timely manner

Some kids will adapt to the new environment easier than the others, some won't. You have to be prepared for all sorts of issues your children might have after the relocation. Luckily, there are some things you can do in advance. As soon as you make a decision to move, you should look for a new school or preschool facility for your kids - if you are leaving your school district. You can even take a day off and organize a small family trip to your new hometown where your kids can get acquainted with their new neighborhood and schools. That will help them adapt faster.

Don't forget to find a new pediatrician for your children if you are moving out of town. Discuss it with your children's current doctor and ask for advice and recommendation. Also, you should have their health records transferred and the first appointment with their new pediatrician scheduled.

Have the essentials bag with you at all times during a move

When you start packing your belongings for relocation, you should always start from the least frequently used items and move on to the things that you and your family use on a daily basis. Such items should be packed in your bag of essentials that should be with you at all times during the moving day. Apart from the obvious items such as food, drinks, clothes, and toiletries that you might need for a few days, you should pack all of your important documents, medicines, and first-aid kit there too.

Hopefully, you will find these moving tips for single moms useful. We wish you a smooth and stress-free relocation!

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