Feb 22, 2020

Things to Consider When Wearing Shapewear

Long time ago, wearing full-body shapewear pieces was mostly like a torture since these too tight shaping garment made any wearer hard to breath. If you have watched the movie ‘Titanic’, probably you still remembered the scene when the aunt put a corset on Rose’s body. Seen from her face and body reaction, we could tell how uncomfortable she was. Gladly, those were gone; let’s say goodbye to torturing shapewear as current full body shaper  is much far away improved. Generally speaking, today’s high quality shaping garment is sophisticatedly created for woman’s comfort, better figure and healthier posture.  FYI, one good example of the right bodysuits featured below. This style is a perfect choice for those who want to achieve better look of their midsection, waist, belly, and butt altogether.
Seamless Lycra 0227 Bodysuit Shaper
Anyway, in order to gain optimal results of using body shaper, make sure to think about several things before you start shopping.

Comfort and health is always top priority

Keep those in your mind when choosing any shapewear item.  It might include selecting only trusted brands that provide you with best shapewear for women. Best shaping garment made from premium fabric that allows you to stay cool and comfy wearing it for hours while still compressing and improving your targeted spots. Bad and too tight shapewear might put your health at risk.

Choosing the right size

Knowing body measurement especially your waist and hip will help you to get the right size, Choosing a piece under your right size is totally wrong as it will cause added lumps on your body. You will look bigger.

Layering is not recommended

There are some women who put on different body shapers in layers to get desired results. It might give you amazing silhouette but surely layering shaping garment is uncomfortable and unhealthy.

Determine your purpose

Shapewear comes in different styles, control areas and compression levels.
Trusted brands such as Cosmolle shapewear offers body shapers in four styles including shorts, panties, bodysuits and slips. Since every woman has different body areas that want to be improved, choosing the right shapewear piece could be personal. Still the comfort should be your priority in making a buying decision.
Let’s say that you want to lift up your dropping butt to look good in your cocktail dress. Check out this shapewear, a butt lifter shaping short like featured below is a good piece that suits your need.
Comfort 4022 Butt Lifter Shaping Shorts
Be reasonable

No need to desire to change your shape drastically.  Good body shaper will smooth out bulges, lift up dropping spots and provide slimmer figure.  Those are realistic results that you can count on from wearing shapewear properly.

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