May 28, 2020

Five Tips for Family Lawyers Working from Home During COVID-19

The current situation signifies that work from home is the new trend and will be the same until this pandemic descends. Transitioning to working from home when family lawyers Brisbane has a habit of working full time in the office, a sudden change to fully remote is quite challenging. 

The recent time makes you feel like much of the world has stopped turning, but that doesn't mean your work needs to be stopped. However, this is the time to go with the flow and adjust to the new normal. There are many aspects you need to take care of such as tracking time, setting realistic boundaries, offering remote tools, communicating to the clients, and much more. Well, do not worry, to help you out with this new normal here are tips that'll definitely bring a positive change in your work from home routine.
Five Tips for Family Lawyers Working from Home During COVID-19.

Assign Realistic Task

Well, it doesn't matter whether you are one of the family lawyers Brisbane, working from home is tough when you have a daily routine to follow at your office. It is really important for you to have some real task that can be fulfilled from home and doesn't demand to step out of the house.

Track Your Time

Tracking your time is a must for your daily routine. There are several law firms that use manual time tracking methods that include a spreadsheet or noting it down with a pen whereas in this digital era you can opt for law management practice software that includes Clio, MyCase or also can opt for legal billing software like Bill4Time, LegalFiles or any other that can really be helpful to save your time. Moreover you can choose a passive time tracking method as well.

Client communication but with a time limit

The best you can do is acknowledging the client's concerns by reaching out to them. Time is tough for everybody and all they require is assurance. They are concern about their legal matters and they deserve to know what is happening, are you paying attention to their cases, are they getting their alimony and much more detailing.

You can manage your client's expectation of having a conversation with you by sharing your available schedule. It does not mean that if you are working from home it solely becomes your workplace, keep the difference between home and office.

Be helpful to your clients by sharing remote tools

You are not the only one stuck at home and facing the inconvenience, everybody out there in the world is going through the same pandemic and that involves your clients too. You being one of the divorce lawyers Brisbane handling many custody matters and those cases involve unique challenges especially in COVID-19. All you can do is make them familiar with the technology and remote tools and ask them to be in touch with their child who is at the other parents' home.  Ask them to connect with Zoom, Whatsapp, Facetime, and many other technology methods.

Be aware of live news and updates

This current situation has made it crystal clear that it is really crucial for everyone to know what's happening out there in the world. There are drastic changes taking place worldwide and for you, it really essential to know what is happening outside and what could impact your clientele. The news may include the World Health Organization, COVID-19 information Centers, Government Policies and changes, local court news, district court news, and more.


Nobody knows when this pandemic will get over and so this time testing situation has taught to live with the new normal. Your business demands your attention as well as a helpful routine. 

Your home and family are equally important as your client base and making both the picture compelling it is meaningful to have a balanced routine. Above mentioned tips have been significantly useful in order to support your work from home routine. The time is uncertain and this too shall pass, just be safe and be healthy.

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