Jun 9, 2020

How does Covid-19 impact your car accident claim?

COVID-19 continues to dominate the headlines. But how could COVID-19 affect your claim to a car accident?

Personal injury lawyers understand the essential elements of your case is sometimes affected by the pandemic, but perhaps the most important things you need to know are: do not avoid seeking medical treatment or consulting with a personal injury lawyer. 
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Many people all over the country avoid trips and social activities because of the lockdown. If your driving trends have been severely affected, you may wonder if you should make any changes to your car insurance policy.

Personal Injury Lawyers Gold Coast provides some tips about the impacts of COVID-19 on your car accident claims

1. Delay in getting treatment
You may face some delays in completing your treatment depending on the nature of your treatment, and how severe your injuries are. If that is the case, it is essential that you keep in touch with your health care providers to record your pain and discomfort and try to organize your treatment as soon as possible.

If you have not been paid with surgeries or any emergency treatments, your counsel would not be able to legally apply the cost to your lawsuit with personal injuries. They can only present an estimate to insurance company for any recommended procedures. Unfortunately, such figures are scarcely regarded by insurance firms in their decisions.

 It is better to complete your entire treatment before proceeding with a prospective settlement.

2. Statutes of limitations 
Owing to COVID-19 trial delays or other obstacles beyond the power, statutes of limitations may be impacted. For some time certain states have postponed statutes of limitations. In others, waiver of limitations may be obtained with an electronically signed statute.

3. Delay in court schedules
Courts across the country either close or modify their processes to handle the cases as far as possible. That doesn't mean that cases won't proceed, but where possible, depositions, hearings and other events can be conducted electronically or via telephone or video conference.

Whether or not you can make a court appointment, your lawyer can still file your claim and start negotiating with the insurance agents. Settlement amounts can be electronically fixed and agreed upon. Nonetheless, the pace of litigation for personal injury claimants can be hindered by limited trial dates, because the court's case load may be extremely bottlenecks.

4. Insurers may fight tough
The insurance industry has seen a decline in profits, as has many other industries. That would mean we'll eventually see insurers fighting much harder for smaller payments. Which makes it all the more imperative which you do not want to settle your lawsuit for a traffic crash on your own.

Although we have seen several arbitration lawsuits since the lockdown has begun, we have lately had lowball demands from insurance firms, because it seems they are aware that the local courthouses have stopped jury selection and that a jury trial is actually unlikely.

The good thing is the insurance firms don't set the terms. We can file a lawsuit, and if necessary take your case to court hearing. You shouldn't settle for less. Even if the insurance provider may offer too little, your medical bills will not be lower than they had been before COVID-19

Don’t Delay in Hiring a Lawyer

If you intend to file a case over a traffic crash, contact a lawyer as early as possible. Your lawyer can work with your insurance company and potentially reach out maximum settlement. The litigation can be filed from a remote location by email, videoconferencing devices, and by telephone. That eliminates personal visits and the risk of exposure to the virus during your consultation
An experienced lawyer can help you get insurance to cover all the damages caused by an accident, such as medical expenses, missed salaries and vehicle repairs

If you're involved in a traffic accident, you have two choices as to whether you want to file a claim. Or you can Protect yourself by Hiring Car Accident Lawyers in Gold Coast who can defend you in a vehicle crash.

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