Jun 14, 2020

How offices will change after COVID-19

A illustration of office workers with “after corona” written behind them.
As of writing this article, the COVID-19 is generally slowing down. There are still infections and even deaths. But the overall attitude is that the worst is behind us. So, how did the past couple of months affect companies and how will offices change after COVID-19? Well, that is what we are here to find out.

Different ways in which offices will change after COVID-19

The main thing to keep in mind about COVID-19 is that we are still not sure how to handle it properly. While there are numerous scientists from the WHO that advise stricter measures, the economic impact of those measures has us all a bit stumped. So, a lot of companies are still trying to figure out how to run their businesses as close to normal, without risking their employee's health. With this in mind, there are some notable ways in which offices will change after COVID-19. It is important to note that it will be up to companies themselves to evaluate which are the safest and most profitable ways of operating post-COVID-19, as there doesn't seem to be a one-size-fits-all solution.

More working from home

As of now, a lot of companies are still asking their workers to work from home. Even if their offices can accommodate the workers, working from home is safer and can even be more cost-effective for companies. Numerous companies will opt for having a core team working from the office, as they are needed to keep the company efficiency up to a certain standard. But the golden rule is that whoever can work from home, should. This, of course, is not always possible. But it is becoming more and more common, especially with legal firms and IT startups.
A home office with a laptop and books
We should be a substantial, long-term increase in the number of people that work from home.

Less contact in the office space

The people working in the office are advised to have as little contact as possible. Fewer people working will allow companies to spread out their offices and give workers plenty of personal space. This is mostly to avoid contamination if someone is sick without realizing it. The long-term goal is to orient the office layout so that everyone can isolate themselves when they need to work.

This can be hard to do since we are not yet 100% sure how the coronavirus spreads. The idea was that it was quite like the common cold virus, but this is still being researched and disputed. Overall, the goal is to minimize in-office contacts as much as possible.

Moving to a larger office space

Unfortunately, not all companies have the necessary room to accommodate these changes. So, another way in which offices will change after COVID-19 is that companies will move into larger office spaces. Since numerous businesses have closed shops, office space is quite cheap, which should be quite fortunate for companies looking to relocate. The main goal will be to find large, open, easy-to-ventilate spaces that are easy to reorient according to need. This should be quite a notable change as even the heat is not enough to beat the coronavirus. This is why businesses in Florida seek more appropriate spaces, just as they do in larger, colder cities.
A person working alone in a large office, showing you how offices will change after COVID-19
Even while working in the office, people will try to isolate themselves as much as possible.

Stricter safety measures

To help combat the coronavirus, most companies will opt for strict safety measures, at least for a future couple of months. These usually include:
·         Facemasks
·         Hand sanitizers
·         In some cases, gloves.

It is usually the people who have direct contact with customers or clients that will wear full gear. So, your secretaries and client managers will wear the full gear, to show both consideration and respect to their clients, and to protect themselves. How long will office workers continue to wear these safety measures is dependant on how long COVID-19 will be with us.

Sick leaves and preventive quarantines

If a person in the office does get sick, most company bosses are quite strict in them getting tested. A single person with the coronavirus can endanger the entire company. This is why it will be quite important for companies to catch infections in the early stages and isolate the worker. This is another reason why working from home will continue to be favorable and why offices are usually staffed with the most essential office workers.

What are companies trying to do

The main reason why offices will change after COVID-19 is that we want to avoid the second wave. If history can teach us anything, it's that the second wave of coronavirus is possible. So, companies need to do what they can in order to avoid it.
A girl wearing a facemask next to a large representation of the coronavirus.
The main reason why offices will change after COVID-19 is to avoid another outbreak.
Now, while this may sound straightforward, it is actually a difficult balancing act. On the one hand, companies need to do what they can to protect their workers and the population at large. On the other, they need to bring their business as close to normal as possible, as that is when they are most profitable and efficient. This is best done by moving to large office spaces with companies like Vision Movers FL. But doing so is not always possible.

Will there be any lasting changes?

After the coronavirus pandemic is long-gone what can we say about how offices will change after COVID-19? Well, this is hard to tell, as making predictions that far in the future is difficult. But our guess is that companies will continue the work-from-home practice. If it shows good results, in the long run, more and more companies should opt for having their workers work from home offices. Working at coworking spaces has its benefits, no doubt. But, since companies don't have to pay for fuel or office space, having workers work from home can be quite a cost-effective way to run a company. So, there will be a lot for companies to figure out in the following years about how and where to run their business.

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