Jul 31, 2013

Home Decorations for A Work At Home Office

womenandperspectives.com -This article covers the ways you can decorate a home office to make it conducive to working. There are ideas about furniture that fits in your home and is comfortable to work in, as well as accessories and ddcor that look good and are also functional.

Working at home is becoming more common for more people, especially those that are self employed. Having a well designed home office is an important part of working productively from home, as there are generally far more distractions that there are in an office.

Keep It Separate

Having a separate space as an office is a vital part of working from home if you are going to be productive. Even if the space is just a desk in a corner of an existing room you still need to create a separate space and have a desk and chair that are comfortable and make you get down to work. There is no need to have the latest executive office furniture if you don't have the space, although your desk and chair should be designed so that they are comfortable for you to sit in all day long. If you are using the corner of a room as an office then try a partition of some sort to split the office section off and make a separate working area.

Choose Your Colours

Decorate your office space in colours that you like, or choose the ones that make you feel calm such as cool greens and mellow yellows. Use a style that is different from the rest of your house as you will create a feeling of separation and allow you to split work from play. Keep your working space clutter free and organised; add trays or drawers to keep everything organised and put up a planner or pin board to display information that you need, or use a white board for a to do list that can be easily updated. Make sure your home office is well lit and you have a heater for the cold days and fresh air if it is hot, either from a window or from air conditioning. You will work best in a comfortable environment that you are happy in.

Working from home is a flexible way to work and can be very satisfying as long as you organise your time well. Be sure to take regular scheduled breaks that mean you won't always be delaying working and set yourself deadlines so that you have a good reason to get down to it each day. A comfortable chair and desk are vital to avoid aches and pains and good lighting will stop your eyes from getting strained. The most important part of a home office is that it is a separate space that you can go to for work; as long as you achieve this you will have success working from home.


Peter Smith is an interior designer who works from home on a regular basis. He loves designing a home office that is both comfortable to work in and fits with a home style of ddcor. He feels that the contrast between the latest executive office furniture and a more homely style can look really great when it is done properly.

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