Jul 2, 2013

Paying for Advice about the Law Need not be Complicated

If you need a solicitor for legal advice or assistance, would you know how much it would cost, or how it could be paid for? Legal advice is always considered to be very expensive, however there are many ways you can pay for it, so there should be a way to suit everyone.

Areas requiring legal advice and representation
There are several areas of the law affecting individual members of the public where legal advice, assistance and representation may be required. These areas of law include all aspects of property law, for example buying and selling a house (conveyancing). Additionally you may need to take advice on other legal issues such as those related to wills and probate, employment law and personal injury. It may also be necessary to take advice on criminal law, whether you are the victim or perpetrator of a crime.

Ways the legal advice can be paid for
Paying for legal advice is usually the one thing that people dread as it is seen to be very expensive, however what most people do not realise is that there are several ways in which legal advice can be paid for. Some law firms work with solicitors fixed costs which means that you will know from the outset how much you will have to pay in order for legal representation to take on your case. For certain types of cases, solicitors will work on a 'no win, no fee' basis. For example in personal injury cases, if your claim is unsuccessful then you will not have to pay anything and even if you are successful, your legal costs could be paid by the other side. Alternative sources of funding also include legal aid for certain criminal and matrimonial matters and for certain cases you may find that solicitors will work on a 'pro bono' or free representation basis.

How to choose a solicitor
There are many ways to choose a solicitor to represent you in your case, or merely for advice and assistance. For certain issues where you may need face to face contact with a solicitor, such as property or matrimonial issues then choosing someone local is probably better, as well as using a firm that comes recommended by family or friends. Another alternative, where face to face contact is not as essential, is to look online for solicitors or claims firms. This is particularly suitable for personal injury claims. Finally, it is essential to ensure that the firm you choose has Law Society accreditation or is a member of a professional body relating to the area of law they claim to specialise in.

Hopefully this has provided some insight into the various ways that legal advice and assistance can be paid for, as well as some guidance on how to make sure you have chosen the right representative for you. So the next time you require some legal advice then it should be easier to decide who to ask and how it will be paid for.


Smith writes regularly on legal issues for a range of legal websites and blogs. He has a particular interest in legal issues affecting the general public and legal services on offer such as those offered by Evolution Legal Concierge.

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