Jul 13, 2013

Coral Vine

I didn't know the name before. Fortunately, searching for its name with 'Pink Flowering Vine' keywords is successful. I captured these Coral Vine flowers at a cup cake shop and cafe in my city. This shop has a pink theme; no wonder they chose this vine. 

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Shirley July 13, 2013  

That is a very pretty vine. I've never seen anything like it before. Thanks for sharing. I love to discover new beauties like this one!

DeniseinVA July 13, 2013  

Thank you for sharing Lina, these are beautifully composed and such a lovely flower. I like the pattern of the shadows in the first shot.

Carver July 13, 2013  

The coral vine is lovely.

Karen July 14, 2013  

It's so pretty and delicate!

Modern Mom July 14, 2013  

Those are pretty. Hope you'd find time to visit Layered.

Carver July 15, 2013  

The coral vine is lovely.

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