Jul 4, 2013

5 Strong Leading Ladies on TV

Recently, it seems more television producers than ever are finally casting women in a variety of roles which put intelligence and strength on display. Here are five female characters on TV whose balance of strength, intelligence and compassion have captured both attention and hearts.

Olivia Pope, 'Scandal' 

Olivia Pope is a powerful “fixer” with close — very close — ties to the White House. She is poised, non-judgmental, highly intelligent, and a powerful negotiator. Pope (played by Kerry Washington) leads a team who, in effect, makes the problems of high-powered politicians fade gracefully. She is very attuned to her instincts but sometimes finds herself challenged in matters of the heart.


Alicia Florrick, 'The Good Wife' 

After 13 years of being a stay-at-home mom to two children, Alicia Florrick (played by actress Julianna Margulies) is forced to return to work following the sex and corruption scandal that landed her husband, the former Illinois attorney, behind bars. Florrick is an attorney whose formidable skills in the courtroom have earned her a spot as a partner. While Florrick’s life changed so dramatically and caused her to have to face public humiliation, in addition to the private pain, she suffered with her husband’s betrayal she faced the challenge with grace. Fans of “The Good Wife” see her regain her confidence, both at her law office, as well as personally. Florrick exemplifies grace under pressure.


Daenerys Targaryen, 'Game of Thrones' 

While the previous shows mentioned are available through regular broadcast networks, the remaining shows require subscription services. However, if you're anything like the legions of fans already hooked on this internationally acclaimed series, you won't want to just jump into the show; you'll need to start from the beginning. Local cable providers as well as alternatives like GetDirectTV.org can ensure you won't miss an episode and allow you to get the premium channels that provide the series. HBO’s fantasy drama “Game of Thrones” is an on-screen adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels, the first of which bears the same name. Daenerys is one of two exiled children of a former king whose leadership was overthrown, and Daenerys and her brother are trying to win the throne back.


Michonne, 'The Walking Dead' 

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is based on a comic series of the same name. Michonne (portrayed by Danai Gurira) is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse. A woman of very few words, she uses only her katana (a sword-type instrument) to fend off opposing forces. She is especially adept at finding creative solutions to challenges (she has no difficulty using zombies as decoys) while simultaneously executing swift justice.


Jane Bingham, 'Drop Dead Diva' 

The premise of “Drop Dead Diva” surrounds a wannabe model Deb Dobkins who, after dying suddenly in an accident, finds herself returning to earth — this time as an intelligent, plus-size attorney. Jane (portrayed by actress Brooke Elliott) is, in addition to her brilliance as an attorney, a wonderful singer with a soft spot for the underdog. Jane finds herself much less self-absorbed than she was in her former life, highlighting lessons on what's truly important and noteworthy for all of us.

What female TV character do you admire. Tell us in the comments.

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