Jul 30, 2013

Great Ways to Help You Promote Your New Business

Not many new companies begin life with a big marketing budget. This article looks at how new businesses can promote their product and company name inexpensively.

Today's consumers are always looking for a high quality product that won't break the bank balance. When starting a new company it is important to get your name 'out there' as quickly and professionally as possible without digging a big hole in your first year's finances.

Here we take a look at some inexpensive options to promote your new business. Whether you choose a website or leaflet printing UK markets are there for the taking:

1.      Website

A web presence is a must have for all new businesses. Not only should the product name be catchy but the website address needs to be easy to remember and easy to spell too. A well placed website on Google can attract thousands of potential customers and make them aware of your product suite. There are many professional web designers who offer website creation services or you can try yourself on many of the free website creation sites that are continually popping up. For your site to appear on the first page of search results on search engines then include some useful key words. There are also many companies available that can help you promote your website once it has been created and help it climb up the search results rankings so your website always appears near the top of the list.

2.      Leaflets

Having leaflets printed can be a very inexpensive way of advertising your product, company and website as long as you are happy to deliver the leaflets to as many potential customers as you can. Why not rope in family members and friends to help you and always leave a leaflet offering your services in public places that you visit.

3.      Business Cards

Every new company needs a business card with contact details for yourself. Always include your name, phone number, email address and website address where possible. Consumers have their own preferences in how they prefer to contact people so give them as many choices as possible.

4.      Reviews

Sign your company up to a professional review website and ask each consumer you sell your product to or provide your services to leave an honest review of what it was like to deal with you and your company. Many new consumers will only deal with companies that have positive reviews from other consumers.

5.      Public Advertisements

Promoting your business on the sides telephone boxes can also be a great way of promoting your company and product. Hundreds of people walk by public telephone boxes each day that carry advertisements for companies and their products and latest offers. Radio and TV advertisements can be expensive but can ensure maximum exposure for your company name.

More and more new companies are appearing in the UK in a market that demands high quality products, good customer service while only spending the absolute minimum amount possible. There is no reason why your new business cannot be successful if you are prepared to put in the legwork first to establish it amongst the consumer market.


Article written by Peter Smith, a freelance writer who writes regularly on business related issues. He recommends the marketing ideas mentioned above. If you are looking for all types of leaflet printing uk then alocalprinter is the right choice for you.

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