Jul 23, 2013

Super Outfits for This Summer

With the glorious weather we’ve been enjoying recently it’s a wonderful time to reboot your summer wardrobe. As work doesn’t stop when the sun shines, however, you should make the most of the warm days and the balmy evenings by dressing transitionally.
Whether you prefer heels or flats, the gladiator-style sandal is here to stay. Sigerson Morrison’s version has a gold coloured multi-bar front piece, and there is a huge range of styles and heights available on the high street. You can choose from a simple ankle strap to the knee-high, full-wrap version shown by Chanel on the catwalk; no matter the heel height, as a summer shoe, this is a style statement that works well with any outfit. Picking up from the physicality of the sandal, accessorising with the Bahati Rose Tribal necklace from the Thamani Collection is a bold way to tie the theme together.

Playsuits should be a welcome addition to every woman’s wardrobe but, in order to guarantee that your outfit remains firmly on the side of corporate if your day is spent in the office, take heed of Ted Baker’s seasonal choice with capped sleeves, block colours and clean lines. That’s not to say that a playsuit won’t fit seamlessly into an evening of socialising but, as the idea is to make the move from boardroom to bar hassle-free, a simple colour palette is an easy way to give you a base-line to build on without a total outfit change. If you’ve chosen a neutral scheme then it’s easy to add some quirk with a bold neck piece to really accentuate the otherwise structured lines and the Ethnic Charm necklace from the Bahati Rose Remba Collection is the perfect example of such subtle defiance. Made from ceramic beads, sterling silver 925 and delicate Swarovski crystals, the design feature of oversized breastbone pieces is eye catching and absolutely unique.

To beat the heat it is always best to choose light fabrics that work well under pressure, whilst making sure that you carry layers in case there is an unexpected breeze: think natural, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen and silk that can be added or removed as the temperature dictates. Although wool seems counter-intuitive there are some great, lightweight weaves that hold their shape whilst allowing you to keep cool so if a midi playsuit doesn’t appeal, look out for the maxi-length trouser versions that can be dressed up or down with nothing more than a loosely structured cardigan or box-cut light wool jacket.

On the other hand, if you want a more casual style, then choose bold prints and skinny straps for all-in-one style statements. Vintage rompers are making a resurgence at the moment so add an Aztec-inspired pattern to your gladiator knee-length sandals and top it off with a more delicate neck piece so as not to overwhelm the design. If you’re looking for inspiration then the Bahati Rose Fantasy gemstone-bead creation or the Bahati Rose ceramic bead Orange Lime would both be ideal.

In short, keep cool and comfortable with semi-structured layers and bold accessories, making the inevitable flip from a day’s work to a night’s play a simple question of location.

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