Jul 30, 2013

Busy Schedule: Where to Make Time for a Beauty Routine?

Modern lifestyles dictate that we are a society that has way too much going on in our lives all the time, we are over scheduled, over budget, always frantic and don’t have any time for our friends and family let alone ourselves. So how did we become last on the list and how do we deal with an era of limited time and how do we become a priority when it comes to looking after ourselves and our bodies? Well that is a question that is certainly not easy, because with hectic work schedules, family commitments and time spent commuting during the day, even brushing your teeth is something that starts becoming hard to fit in.


Making Time
It’s that simple – where there is not time, you actually have to physically make time and schedule it in as you would a dentist or hairdresser appointment. Having a system in place where your grooming schedule becomes part of your everyday routine is the only way it’s going to work. Trying to fit anything else into an already jam packed schedule is nothing short of impossible, then before you know it hasn’t made the list for months. Looking after yourself and your body should be a priority, as much as eating right, doing exercise and looking after your health is.

When your health and looking after your body are a priority – you feel great, look great and will have enough energy to get through the demands of the day. Putting pressure on your body, looking haggard and feeling haggard are going to have the opposite effect entirely.

Booking Appointments
You may not have the self-discipline to take time for yourself when you are too busy running around and looking out for everyone else and before you know it, you only get to the hairdresser twice a year – Easter and Christmas and you still have the remnants of nail polish on your toes from the Christmas before.

As a good rule of thumb, make sure that you have booked another appointment with your hairdresser, beautician or stylist before you walk out the door. Once you have that appointment in place you will find that you will work around it rather than put it off for months. And if you are in a corporate job or any position where you need to be well groomed, you actually can’t afford to walk around with split ends, faded hair colour or unsightly grey regrowth when you are dealing with your colleagues and clients.

If you don’t have time to do the beauty stuff yourself at home, you can be sure that you will have at least done something for your skin if you schedule regular appointments with the beautician once a month for facials and other skin care.

Easy does it
Choose an easy range of products to use on your skin – you don’t need to do 45 minutes of cleansing and toning twice a day to get the benefits you need. Find a skin care range that is simple, easy to use and good for your skin. And never ever skimp on the sunscreen even in winter – it’s the overcast days that do the most damage.

Find a day cream that has a built in UV factor and this way you will not overload your skin and you only have to use one product instead of two. Make sure you always pay special attention to your hands and your neck when applying a sunscreen as these are the first places that you will see signs of ageing.

Double Up
If you go to the gym regularly – make sure that you have another set of face products that can stay in your gym bag; this will mean that you save time and the hassle of forgetting your products in the shower at home and end up having to use the gym soap on your face which is right up there with washing up liquid.

Pack in an extra shampoo and conditioner – ask your stylist for their travel size options from the salon, this way you won’t have to lug around huge bottles where ever you go.

Use a good quality moisturizer on your skin and body that is absorbed quickly – you don’t’ have time to hang around while you try and get that sticky feeling off your skin or wait for your skin to ‘’dry’’ after application. Use a heavier lotion in winter as your skin tends to dry out a lot more.

Drink Water
Drinking water is one of your best time savers when it comes to your beauty regime – keeping your skin and your body looking good from the inside out starts with what you eat and drink. No use spending a fortune on clearing a problem skin and spending hours exfoliating and moisturising and then downing a beer followed by a cheese burger and a slice of pizza. Drink plenty of water throughout the day – it will flush toxins from your skin and from your system so you won’t need to manage the symptoms of a problem skin anymore.

Eat Well
Your skin and your hair and the condition they are in are less attributed to the brand of products that you use and highlight the condition of your lifestyle and your menu choices. If you eat well – choosing foods that are ingredients and not made up of ingredients – it will have a direct impact in the quality of your skin, hair and nails – not to mention your weight.

Eat plenty of vegetables, include fruit and eat lean protein – your body will thank you for that and reward you with a glowing complexion, shiny hair and strong nails that won’t need much of a beauty routine to maintain. Make time for yourself every morning and every evening – it might be the only time you really have to yourself in the day –a quiet moment of reflection that will help you to prepare for the busy, hectic day ahead.

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