Jul 30, 2013

Companies Make New Efforts to Target Female Demographic

Companies like Hooters and the NFL understand the value of revamping their marketing strategies to women. As Time.com discovered, Hooters now serves salads, and various NFL teams sell earrings and female-related merchandise for their fans. These companies understand that the old days of hawking products solely to men are over, as a Greenfield Online report verifies. That report found that women now make roughly 85 percent of all consumer purchases and influence the purchasing of over 95 percent of all goods and services.

But don‘t think that merely posting a few pictures of women on your website or hiring a female employee in your sales department will get the job done. You need to think like a woman and pay attention to her interests, personality and persona. Trendsight reports that Jiffy Lube has mastered this tip. The company knows that women juggle multiple responsibilities and roles, so they’ve placed Wi-Fi and TVs in every waiting room. Women can get more done as they wait, and you can use this tip too as you offer Wi-Fi in your showroom and include advice and tips on your website that help women maximize their time and make their lives easier.

Be Online

The majority of online users are women, according to Inc.com. They use the Web to find bargains on discount Michelin tires, compare prices on laptop computers and research relationship advice. If your business isn’t online, you’re missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. Once you get online, follow advice from Mashable.com and be accessible and relevant.

Be Relevant

Start with a relevant website that’s filled with information about your company and products. Even better, include a store that allows women to buy your products. Remember, women are busy, and they won’t stick around if they can’t find what they want quickly and easily. Be relevant and allow women to complete research and buy the products they need with a touch of a button.

Be Sociable

Then, add a blog, write a monthly newsletter and post regularly to social media outlets like Twitter or Facebook. Women are relational and will share content they like with their friends and family. Always make sure your content is engaging, entertaining and sharable. Quality and fresh content increases your chances of gaining the visibility you want and need, while dry, boring content will be quickly forgotten and left behind in the midst of all the quality Web traffic.

Be Accessible

Finally, place the customer service or contact button in a prominent spot on your website and on all of your social media pages. Women like to ask questions, and they want to connect personally with someone. Make it easier for her to find the answers she needs so that she doesn’t take her business elsewhere. Women will use this button to learn more, ask more and buy more.

By now, you realize that your marketing tactics can’t ignore women. The female demographic forms the backbone of the purchasing economy, and you need them. With this fact in mind, which marketing tip will your company employ as you reach out to women?

Author's Bio : Linda Burman was a VP of a major marketing firm by the age of 25. Since then she has wound down and focused on raising a family and environmentalism. Freelancing is one of her many hobbies.

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