Jul 9, 2013

The History and Products of the Denby Pottery

This article talks about the products and history of the pottery that produces Denby Pottery. There is also information about the ranges that they produce and how the company grew from a small site to a global company.

Denby Pottery products are famous across most of the world. The company was founded over 200 years ago and has grown and diversified over the years. The ranges of crockery are classic and well made and the company recently added a range of glassware and cutlery to complement the stoneware that they are famous for.

History Of Denby Pottery
The original pottery at Denby was built on a country estate owned by William Drury-Lowe in the year of 1809 to make stoneware bottles. Clay from the estate was also being used at the nearby Belper Pottery and when the Denby Pottery was closed briefly, William Bourne from the Belper company took over the site and ran the two potteries together. The pottery tuned out over 25 tons of clay every day, mostly in the form of salt glazed stoneware which was made into pickle jars, spirit barrels, foot warmers, mortars and pestles, snuff jars and pudding moulds, amongst other things. When the railway opened a branch in Ripley allowed the faster and more efficient distribution of the products which was of great benefit to the company. The Denby company was bought out by the management of the company and floated on the stock market in 1994, after its parent company, Coloroll, went into administration.

Denby Products
There are many famous styles of Denby pottery and they have launched a wide range of other products that complement the original stoneware. You can get everything that you may need in the way of kitchen crockery, pans and bakeware as well as glasses from the new glassware range. The items are beautifully made and will last for many years with the right care. The current products that Denby produce include

-       Dinnerware sets
-       Glassware
-       Lead crystal glassware
-       Placemats
-       Coasters
-       Cutlery
-       Cookware
-       Pans

-       Silicone bake ware

There are a lot of different colours and styles of cookware so you can match the crockery and baking dishes to the colour scheme of your kitchen or dining room. Denby crockery items are classic in style and so they won't go out of fashion in a couple of years and the company is well established so most ranges are easy to get replacement pieces for.

Denby pottery products are the result of years of refining the manufacturing process. The various managers of the pottery over the years have been responsible for various patents that have improved the process of making stoneware. The style is classic and the designs are very attractive as well as long running so you can build up a collection over a few years and maybe create a family heirloom.

Adriana Frederick is an interior designer who has many sets of Denby pottery and is always on the lookout for exclusive Denby pottery deals to add new ranges to her collection. She often uses her own pieces to dress houses in advance of them being sold and is a particular fan of the classic blue ranges of pottery.

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