Jul 20, 2013

Nail Fungus Treatment Should Start As Early As Possible

How do nails get infected from fungus?

Nowadays people show so much laxity in doing exercises and physical activities which leads to poor blood circulation among feet and hands. Sweating of feet due to wearing of closed shoes increases the chance of infection. Also the use of public amenities like swimming pools can cause it because the water might be infected with fungus from contaminated water or from some other diseased person.

Also many of you are a fan of fish pedicures where tiny fishes nibble on the dead skin of toes right? But think that the same fishes nibble on the feet of so many other people and they might transfer fungal infection to you. Beauty at the cost of disease is not done, right?

Why some people suffer from recurring nail fungal infection?

There are some factors like old age, diabetes, neurological problems, deficiency of white blood cells in blood, constricted veins in toes, any sort of untreated accidental injury on toes and toe nails leading to partial rupture of nails which can cause the fungal infection to reoccur. In case of injury immediate cleaning of nails and toes with disinfectant solution must be done.

Social and health hazards caused due to it

This fungal infection on nails though not fatal but can cause huge mental trauma for sufferers who can’t take off their shoes in public no matter how much the feet hurt to hide those bluish, blackened, crumpled, flaky and disfigured toe nails. Not to mention the embarrassment you would feel with your spouse and children at home.

If nail fungus treatment is not provided at time then the infection will spread to your uninfected nails too. The fungus will spread from nails to fingers and then to feet too and your whole feet will become disastrous with infection. Prolonged accumulation of infected dead cells can lead to benign tumors and cancer too leading to amputation surgery. If you are a sufferer then immediate call for action is required by your side!

Conventional allopathic treatments available

You must seek doctor immediately for nail fungus treatment and you will be prescribed antibiotics to fight the fungal growth in your nails. Oral antibiotic tablets like `Itraconazole’, `Clotrimazol’ and `Lamisil’ etc are commonly prescribed by doctors. Vitamin C capsules might also be advised to you to make the immune system stronger. Topical treatments include `urea cream’, `butenafine’ etc that are said to be effective is easing out the soreness and killing the fungi.

If not that serious, try this effective home remedy

If the problem has just begun or you are not getting complete relief with allopathic treatment then you use some effective home remedies side by side. You can take some lukewarm water and add few drops of tea tree oil and clove oil to the water, which are good disinfectants and soak your infected feet OR infected hands in it for at least 20 minutes. After that rub the feet lightly with some tissue paper and throw it away. Acupressure also relieves the stinging feeling in toenails. Lastly exercise your way to healthy feet!

Today’s guest author, SubodhJain, writes for http://www.doeszetaclearwork.org/ who provides nail fungus treatment. He is a blogger who writes on health, beauty and related topics. In his spare time, he enjoys sports and long walk in the evenings.

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