Jul 11, 2013

London Hotel Management Courses and Career Progression

London, England, should certainly be top of your list when considering training for a career in hotel management. It is a global centre of excellence in the hospitality field and a qualification from a respected establishment in London will become a passport to job opportunities worldwide.

London's Hotels

Think of some of the most famous names in the hotel business and many of them will be in London. The Ritz, The Dorchester, Claridge's, Brown's. Recently, the Goring attained international fame as the pre-wedding choice for Kate Middleton. Aside from these grand, centuries-old institutions, every five-star global chain has hotels in the city and there are thousands of new, exciting boutique contemporary hotels. To be trained in a London hotel is to give your CV the advantage of the associated calibre of these venerable institutions.

World class reputation, world class education

Standards are extremely high for students in hotel management courses london. You can be assured of top quality degrees, which have the additional benefit of taking three years to complete. This compares favourably to most other countries, which take four. The reduction in cost of a whole year's tuition makes choosing the UK a sound decision.

What qualifications are required?

For most hotel management courses London accepts students with three A levels, Scottish Highers or their international equivalents. Applications to university are conducted through the University and Colleges Admissions Services, more commonly known as UCAS. The academic year starts in September. Some courses also have a January intake. UCAS guidelines allow students to apply for up to six choices, which opens up lots more scope if the first choice is declined. A system called clearing also assists in this widening of options.

Is London a good place for international students?

London is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world and is home to a culturally diverse mix of people. There is no end to the historic sights, both in the city and in the surrounding countryside. The nightlife is terrific and there are many lovely parks for fresh air and exercise. Britain is famous for music festivals and can offer everything from surfing to skiing. A benefit for all foreign students is that they become eligible for free health care if their course exceeds six months. This also applies to prospective hoteliers. For young people undertaking professional hotel management courses London also allows students to work part time. The chance to subsidise your studies by working up to 20 hours a week not only helps with finances, but provides a valuable addition to a CV if choosing a role within the hospitality industry.

Launch your career in London

For professional hotel management courses london has to be a prime choice. The teaching is five star. The qualification will give you an unparalleled advantage when moving into employment and the lifestyle is enormous fun. Plans to open a dedicated four-star teaching hotel are on the cards, combining a real working environment with practical study. This further showcases London's determination to produce the best hotel management graduates.

AUTHOR BIO: After training in
professional hotel management courses london became home to Mary Montague, who has worked as a hotel manager for many years and now writes on hospitality for airline and lifestyle publications.

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