Jul 4, 2013

Tips and Tricks on Weight Loss Discovered –from Fat to Fab

We all are silently battling weight issues, and what makes it worse for us are those glossy magazine covers. We look at the models, celebs and artists, sigh all day long because of those abs they have or the flawless looks they posses. If this sounds familiar to you, and if you are one of us heaving those sighs, we hear you out. This is why we ask you to read what is written here, these are tips and tricks which would help you lose all that weight.

You have to be physically active
There are so many fat burners, weight loss pills, diet supplements and the jazz available in the market these days. With that in mind, we tend to consume them all, but find no positive effects. It is but frustrating to see that what was shown and said didn’t happen. Our expectations are shattered and we lose all hope.

Diet supplements and popping pills which burn fat do work, but only when you couple them with timely exercises. Without being physically active, one shouldn’t expect miracle weight loss happening overnight; it just doesn’t work that way.

Anyways, to make you feel better about your body, here are a few tips we would like to share with you. Hence, please read on and be well-informed about the tricks and tips on weight loss techniques.
1.  The escalators and the elevator should be used only when you have to, use the stairs instead and watch how you lose weight.
2.   Cycling or walking helps you burn calories and lose weight
3. Swimming is an activity much enjoyed and helps tone the body muscles too
4.   We love shopping; yes shopping can help you lose weight. Try window shopping, visit every single store in the mall, climb the stairs while doing that
5.  Dance away and watch how you not only improve on that pair of left feet, but would lose weight the natural way too.
6.  Take your dog on a walk, while he walks and runs around, you would be forced to match up with his pace. This in turn would make you burn more calories, and if you don’t have a dog, adopt one or offer to walk your neighbour’s dog.
7. Sweep and wipe your house, wash your own clothes with your own hands and watch how you shed all that weight.
8.  Gardening can be fun and a physically challenging chore too. Digging, shovelling, plating and pruning, exercises not only the body, but the mind too.
9.  Be a handy man at home, fix those pipes, leaky faucets, roof tops, tiles and bathroom or kitchen cabinets, physical activities always help
10.Listen to music while exercising, it should pep up the moods and allow you to work out more.

Right diet plans
Apart from physical and mental workout to lose weight, one should also eat right. Of what use would three laps around the lake be, only to come home and gorge on a pizza!!
1.  Read more about the caloric levels in every food item on the plate. Avoid those that have high calories and consume more of green leafy veggies.
2.  Instead of eating three full meals, divide it into five short meals a day. This would help with the metabolism and digestion.
3.  Starving is not the answer, the body doesn’t burn calories that way and the metabolism is only stunted.
4.  Plenty of water should be drunk, before a meal. This would make you consume lesser food, since your tummy would be full.
5.   For more minerals, fibre and carbs indulge in fruits and veggies.
6.   For unsaturated healthy fats, nuts on a moderate basis work wonders
7.   Foods that are baked are healthier than foods that are fried
8.  Say no to JUNK, sigh over the hot dogs, pizzas or even burgers if you have too. Say no to them for their high calorific levels. A moderate bite now and then is okay.
9.   Wheat bread or brown bread is a yes, normal bread is a no
10.If you feel the need to indulge in food, look for healthy options. One could toss up a salad without dressing, minimum condiments and embellishments on it.

You have to be patient, nothing happens overnight. Hence, eat well, exercise and do not starve. That’s all we would like to advise you with, and we hope the aforementioned tips and tricks work for you, as it has for most of us.

Author Bio
In this day and age where twenty fours a day seem to be so short and less, who has the time to run to the gym? With tight schedules and deadlines, psychologically we do crave for food which satiates the body and mind, ending up with unwanted weight which does more harm than good, says Greta Noronha. Apart from pills and supplements or a weight loss patch the right exercises involved would also help.

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