Jul 5, 2013

Picking The Perfect Duvet Set For Your Bedroom

The bed is the central focus in your bedroom so it is essential that you dress it well. Here is a guide on how to select the perfect duvet set for your bedroom.

You want to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting with a touch of luxury. This is the room that is built for your pure relaxation; it is where you recharge your batteries so you will feel rejuvenated and ready for the beginning of a new day. Beautiful duvet sets really transform your bed into something truly heavenly.

First of all you need to consider what ambience or theme you wish to evoke in your bedroom. Bear in mind that colours, materials and patterns really transform the general feel of the room as well as the basic look.

Bedding is designed in various materials:
-    silk
-    flannel
-    cotton
-    satin

Cotton and satin are wonderful to use in summer as they are lightweight, satin especially can be cooling against your skin. Silk and satin are perfect if you desire to create a bedroom with an aura of passion with a hint of class. Flannel is a cheaper material but is heavier so is great for using in winter, however, you can always add a touch of glamour with a satin throw over or blanket.

Colours And Themes
Bedding with colours that have deep tonal qualities such as aubergine, burgundy and rouge evoke a romantic feeling, perfect if you are newly-weds, or have just moved in with your partner! Details such as swirling patterns in a contrasting colour, Gothic embellishments and red roses also help to create this gorgeous, irresistible ambience of romance.

If a sense of heavenly relaxation is what you desire choose pale, refreshing tones such as turquoise, cream and lilac as bedding in these colours will help to still your mind and send you into a deep sleep.

Summer is not just a season it is also a feeling; a feeling of happiness, joy and excitement. Colours such as orange, yellow, terracotta and bright red will really help to create this wonderful feeling. Use bedding with floral patterns to really bring this theme to life.

To be a little bit stereotypical (yet truthful) men are not always very pleased with having to sleep in floral bedding, so to please you both why not try the nautical theme? Combine red, navy and white tones to evoke this. You could also try striped bedding that is totally on trend this season.

Creating A Sense Of Luxury
There is no reason why you shouldn't feel like royalty in your own home, so to add a little luxury to your bedroom use bedding with embellished features. Metallic threads that twinkle in the light are fabulous for creating a beautiful regal atmosphere.

To make life easier ensure that you check your duvet sets are machine washable; there is nothing worse that dragging bedding to the dry-cleaners. Simply just choose a theme you are passionate about and you will fall in love with your bedroom.

AUTHOR BIO: Diyana writes regularly on interior design for a range of websites and blogs. She is a firm believer in styling bedrooms with elegant duvet sets to really bring them to life.

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The Fitted Bedroom Centre July 29, 2013  

A great post thanks for sharing. At The Fitted Bedroom Centre we love to share inspirational design ideas and look forward to your future posts too.

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