Jul 2, 2013

Coffee Time

Once in a while, my husband and I went out for having hot coffee and a little snack. Last week we did it at this famous place. You surely can guess the place by seeing the man character on the mug.  
Ruby Tuesday 2

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Liz July 02, 2013  


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Anonymous July 03, 2013  

I enjoy my coffee and afternoon treat time with my hubby!! ;)
Visiting from Ruby Tuesday!!

Jeannie Marie July 03, 2013  

I saw him once when driving through Louisville, Kentucky many years ago! He waved!

Lea July 03, 2013  

I thought this was at your home, and I was going to ask - when did they start selling coffee cups?
Great choice for Ruby Tuesday!
Lea's Menagerie

Magical Mystical Teacher July 03, 2013  

It's the red on the mug (not the man!) that catches my eye!

Brilliant Red Building

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