Jul 27, 2013

Yellow Allamanda Flowers

My husband captured these flowers for me. He saw them on the fence -near the entrance of a restaurant. Love their bright color!

6 komentar:

Judy July 27, 2013  

The yellow blossoms are so beautiful against the blue sky!!!

DeniseinVA July 27, 2013  

These are beautiful Lina, please thank your husband for taking this pretty photo, and thank you very much for sharing them with Today's Flowers :)

Luna Miranda July 27, 2013  

bright and cheerful Allamanda. beware, they're poisonous.

Carver July 28, 2013  

The yellow flowers are so lovely and cheerful looking.

Karen July 28, 2013  

He took a great shot!

Betsy July 29, 2013  

Very pretty shade of yellow.

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