Jul 10, 2013

Great Gifts for a Housewarming Party

There is nothing quite like a housewarming party to show your friends or family that you are happy and excited for them in their newest life adventure. Whether the ones you love favor fancy French soap or they’re into DIY repurposing projects, you have the perfect opportunity to bring them a gift that will make their new house feel even more like home. Here are some tips for choosing housewarming presents that will appeal to a wide range of new homeowners.
French soap

Shop Around the Neighborhood

One of the most thoughtful ways to make a new family, couple or single feel welcome in their neighborhood is to gift them with items from nearby. Wineries, cheese shops, candy shops or even large chains that they didn’t have near them before are all great places to go for presents that will introduce them to the great stores in their area.

Give Strategic Gift Cards

Gift cards are excellent presents no matter what, but if you can, clue in to your friends’ or families’ needs during the process in order to give them extra money for a store where they can really use it. Young couples just starting out would probably appreciate help at the grocery store or Wal-Mart to buy staple kitchen items, while older adults might be more interested in replacing larger appliances and could benefit from a gift card at Sears.


Create a Room-Based Basket

Get a group of friends to team up and each buy something for a specific room. For instance, you might pick the bathroom, and one person contributes monogrammed towels, another handy drawer organizers and someone else French Provencal bath & body products to make their water closet a really special sanctuary.

New homeowners are going to be different in their needs and wants, so tuning into that is important, because one major goal should be giving them something they’ll really use and appreciate.

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