Jul 5, 2013

Choose Some Architectural Details to Remodel Your Home

Whether a new housing development or a flat conversion in a period building stripped of old attachments, many homes can look bland. The addition of architectural details can give a new home some extra character and restore the glory of an older building. It will also add value.

Decorative features such as mouldings, cornices, coves and recessed panels change the aspect of a room from a straight lined, square and bland sight to something with true charm and personality. They can provide a sense of depth to a room. If you hope to add mouldings to a brand new home that you have just moved into, it's best to do so as soon as possible after the house is built. Try not to wait until next year or in three years time as the walls and floors will settle and change shape, slowly but perceptibly. Any installed mouldings should move together with walls and keep its overall proportion. Architecture firms have specialists in residential interior design who can help householders to choose the precise mouldings in keeping with a new home's modernity rather than adding a twee traditional factor. Architects will help to restore the correct vintage features in a traditional home.

Columns and pilasters
Pilasters and columns are structural elements in a building. They can be used as structural supports to the ceiling if a wall between two rooms has been knocked down to make a larger space. A decorative column can be added into a larger area to divide it up for different uses, but still keeping the sense of space. It's a good idea to get some architectural advice to ensure the column size and style will fit your house. Another way of doing this would be to add pilasters, columns that attach to the wall. These can also be structural or purely decorative.

Tall base boards are some of the most attractive features of old homes. But they can deteriorate and may be difficult to replace properly if an old house had problems such as dry rot. It's always worth trying to find a good carpenter to replace damaged or absent boards in an old house. Modern styled, streamlined base boards will add character to a new home, especially by upgrading the trims. But this has to fit in with the height of the ceiling in each room. Low ceilinged rooms that are quite common in modern housing developments may not suit high baseboards. But there may be a restyling possibility about which architecture firms could advise.

Polished hardwood features can enhance new as well as older homes. Hardwood floors fit well in traditional and contemporary homes. They can be made very durable with a polyurethane finish. Wainscoting that covers the lower three feet of a wall, hardwood doors and even polished hardwood fireplace surrounds add character and a sense of luxury.

Adding architectural details to a home, not only enhances the character of new or older buildings, it may also add value. These details can create a welcoming feeling to a home whether for guests or prospective buyers.

AUTHOR BIO: Diyana lives in Somerset and writes about interior design for arrange of blogs and websites. She has followed work carried out by architects Manser Practice in residential redesign.

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