Jul 13, 2013

How Do You Package Your Gifts

So you have purchased the perfect gift for the special occasion now it is time to find the best way to package your gift that will make it stand out. Most packaging methods will depend on the type of gift or occasion. No matter how you choose to wrap your gift it is important that you make it stand out from the rest of the gifts on the table.

Gift Wrap
People have been wrapping gifts in simple elegant paper for years but there are many different types of gift wrap as well as ways to use it. It used to be the only gift wrap option you had was paper but now you can find plastic as well as fabric gift wrap. If you choose to go the fabric route you can use almost anything as gift wrap towels or blankets to tablecloths or placemats depending on the type of gift. Towels and blankets work great for baby gifts while placemats and tablecloths are great for weddings.


Gift boxes have come a long way from what people are used to. There are many different unique gift box styles that can accentuate any gift. You can purchase your gift boxes or create your own from cardstock or recycled items. The great thing about gift boxes is that you can use any type of box and decorate it accordingly. A new trend in gift boxes is the hamper gift boxes, these reusable gift boxes are perfect for any occasion. They can be decorated and filled in any way you choose and after the gift has been opened the hamper can be used for storage around the house.

This gift packaging idea is great for gifts that include multiple items. You simply choose your basket, fill it with the gifts you wish to give and wrap with decorative cellophane. Add a ribbon and box of your choosing to close the wrapping and complete with a tag. These baskets are usually filled with multiple items that go together such as wedding gifts or baby shower gifts. Gift baskets allow the gift recipient to see what the gift is without having to completely open the gift. A new alternative to gift baskets is called a diaper cake where you create a cake out of baby items. You can also create a cake form from wedding gifts such as towels and wash cloths and fill the inside with other household essentials.

Gift Bags
This is the typical standby for gifts that don't fit neatly in a box or gift wrap. You can purchase a plain bag and decorate it yourself or purchase a decorative bag from the store. Decorating your gift bag can include the use of paint, markers and decals. For a reusable option cloth bags are readily available for many occasions. If you can't find a cloth bag that is decorated the way you want, you can purchase a plain canvas tote and decorate it to your liking.

This guest post comes from Emily Miller. Emily prefers to package her gifts in Hamper gift boxes.

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Anonymous July 15, 2013  

I love gift boxes and baskets! It is so much easier and plenty of ways to pump them up!

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