Jun 30, 2020

Moving abroad with small children

If you are planning on moving abroad with small children, it is important that you consider how your planned move might affect them. As adults, we are responsible for the decisions we make, but in addition to that, we are responsible for our children and their happiness and well-being as well. Finding the right place for you and your family might not be easy seeing as it requires a lot of consideration and preparation. It is important that you consider the economic opportunities, quality of life, childcare, and education options before making the final decision. Finding a place that offers everything you are looking for and making the decision to relocate marks the beginning of your new adventure.
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Starting a new chapter of your life abroad requires a lot of planning and organization.

Moving abroad

Let's say that for example, you wish to experience a new culture, a different climate, and explore new natural landscapes. After learning about several possible destinations you decide that you wish to relocate with your family to Saudi Arabia. You might have learned about Saudi Arabia in general, but relocating there will require knowledge of details, cultural practices, traditions, and how things function. This can be a lot for one person to learn, especially if you don't have much time at your disposal for the move itself. This is a good moment for you to consider hiring a local moving company. The experience and services offered by local moving companies such as Four Winds SA can be of great value and can help ensure your relocation goes smoothly.

Things to consider

Finding a moving company abroad that can provide all the services you require can be a difficult task. You should start by researching the available options and narrowing them down to a choice of three companies that meet your needs. Next, you will need to obtain cost estimates for your move from each of the three companies. Once you have the estimates it will be easier for you to choose a company that can offer you great service at a reasonable price.

Many companies that deal with international relocations can offer you additional information about the country of your choice. This includes information about the local laws and regulations, tax rates, and documents that are required such as visas or residency permits. Having this knowledge in advance will make your move a lot easier. Waiting in queues at information desks or passport control is draining enough as it is; doing it with small children can be a Herculian task.

Don't forget to gather information about the following:

  • What visa requirements are in place and how you can obtain a visa if necessary? Are there customs formalities everyone needs to deal with? Your moving company might be able to help you with paperwork and documentation.
  • Research the tax requirements in the country you plan on moving to.
  • If possible, before purchasing a property in your new country of residence, try to find a place that you can live in for a few months. Doing so will help you get accustomed to your new surroundings and get a feel for the place.
  • Find out about the local culture and language in advance. Acquiring basic knowledge of the language and local dialect beforehand can make a big difference in the first few months of your new life abroad.
  •  Moving abroad can be a trying time for your kids. If you own pets, taking them with you can make their adaptation easier. Find out what requirements are in place for relocating with your pets.
  • Keep in mind that moving abroad to a country where a foreign language is spoken will require a period of adaptation. Young children tend to pick up foreign languages quickly if they are surrounded by it. Nurseries and schools are a great place for them to learn the language so make sure to research childcare and educational options available.
  • At some point, you will need to decide what to do with your property back in your home country. Renting your property out can be a good option as it can serve as an additional source of income until you settle in and find a job. But if you decide to sell your current home, try to do everything you can to impress buyers and get the best possible price for it. 

Creating an inventory of your belongings and the items you wish to move abroad is going to be essential if you wish to set a budget for your move and get cost estimates from moving companies. The main factor that will determine the price of your relocation is the number of items you wish to take with you so consider this in detail. Donating or selling the items you no longer need as well as the ones you can easily replace could prove to be a good idea. Selling small appliances will not only supplement your budget and cut your moving costs, but it will also make replacing them with new appliances in your new country of residence more affordable. Don’t get rid of everything though. Small children often form emotional attachments to their belongings. So, if they need their beddings or a special pillow don’t hesitate to take those with you.

Moving checklist

Planning a move abroad with small children will require you to be well organized. Creating a moving checklist can simplify the matter significantly. Write down all the tasks that need to be completed and assign them to members of your family accordingly. Your children may be young but that does not mean they cannot complete simple tasks, so make sure that your children are included in the moving process. This will make the move easier for them. If your children feel involved and like they are an integral part of the process, they will accept the move more easily.

Talk to your children and prepare them for the relocation

Moving within your home country is not easy, but moving abroad is a whole different ball game. Planning such a move with small children and getting them to accept it is no easy task. Young children tend to adapt to new surroundings and cultures more easily than adults. However, moving abroad is a big change and as such, it needs to be approached as gently as possible.

Try talking with your family about the possibility of moving abroad, describe why the relocation is necessary and the benefits it carries. You should let your kids be involved in every step of the process, such as packing and other tasks they can help with. Spend time with them as they pack their favorite toys. Try to answer every question they might have. Those are just some of the ways that you can help them adjust to a new city or school. They will look up to you, so be aware of your behavior and try to stay calm and positive.
A group of children holding their hands up
When moving abroad with small children, assimilating them with a group of children their age is a great way of making the move less stressful
Moving abroad with small children might seem like a daunting task, but the benefits of such a move are often more than worth the effort. Not only will your children learn to adapt to new surroundings, but they will also experience different cultures, learn a new language, and become more accepting of diversity. This will help them grow and learn and will mold them into young adults you can be proud of.

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