Jul 4, 2020

Evoke the Patriotic Spirit with 4th of July Flowers

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most cities and states are canceling their 4th of July events, and the best firework display you see this year is only at your backyard. But still, you can evoke the patriotic spirit and honor the courage of your forefathers by decorating your home with beautiful blooms from the leading flower shop in Baltimore. Flowers are the best way to add beauty and color to your Independence Day celebration. You can use them as a table centerpiece. Or send some to your loved one by ordering flower delivery in Baltimore.
div class="MsoNormal" style="margin-bottom: .0001pt; margin-bottom: 0in; text-align: justify;"> Your Baltimore florist can create elegant and patriotic floral arrangements, bouquets, and planters that add style and grace to your Independence Day celebration. Here we’ve listed a few flowers that break out red, green, and white for your 4th of July special decoration.

Bold Red Roses

In 1986, red roses were chosen as the national flower of The United States of America. These native flowers of North America are grown wild throughout the continental US. Moreover, they’re also the official flowers of several states. Adding red roses to Independence Day decorations will represent the bravery and courage involved in defending our freedom.

Scarlet Carnations – The Good Luck Charm

These fragrant blooms are the state flowers of Ohio and were considered a good-luck charm by William McKinley, the former president of the United States. These flowers symbolize bravery and the passion of the brave soldiers who fought for the freedom of the United States of America.

White Daisies

In 1917, white daisies were heralded as the floral emblem of North Carolina and were considered to be the most patriotic flowers in the country. They reflect the innocence and purity behind the birth of our Nation. The delicate white bloom also resembles the bright sun and indicates the light to the path of freedom.

Blue Delphinium

Unlike roses and daisies, delphinium stands apart from other flowers, with its height and depth of color. This flower is an official flower of the month of July, and since it comes in blue, it’s the perfect addition to your Independence Day floral decorations. They represent deep values such as compassion, openness, trust, serenity, and peace. It would be a great option to use in your 4th of July floral arrangements.

The Bottom Line

You can add beautiful blooms to your table, outdoor living area, inside your home, or anywhere in your premises to remind yourself of the struggle, courage, and compassion of our brave warriors. You can also choose flower delivery in Baltimore to send these beautiful blooms to your loved ones or veterans to honor them.

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