Apr 15, 2020

The Best Way to Prevent Injuries in a Los Angeles Auto Accident

With an average of 55,000 car accidents each year, one person dies in Los Angeles every 40-hours from injuries sustained. Thousands of people turn to Los Angeles personal injury lawyer each year seeking help for damages and injuries sustained in an automobile accident. It’s likely that sooner or later, you'll be involved in an accident. While accident severity varies from one crash to the next, even a low speed, low impact accident can cause serious injuries. Follow the steps below so you’re prepared in the event of a car accident in Los Angeles.
Wear Seat Belts

Many studies prove that wearing a seat belt greatly reduces the risk of sustaining serious injuries in a car accident. Learn how to properly wear the seatbelt, since wearing it incorrectly can reduce the effectiveness or worsen the extent of the injuries. Before leaving in the vehicle, check that the seat belts are secure. It should be tight across your shoulders but not so tight that it is uncomfortable. The seat belt should be straight, not twisted, and not too loose or too tight. The lap portion of the seat belt should sit low across the hips so that the pelvic bone absorbs the impact to reduce serious internal injuries.

Adjust the Seat

Adjust your seat so that you are as far away from the airbags as possible. The closer to the airbags you sit, the greater the risk of sustaining a serious injury in an accident. Make sure the seat is locked into position once you find the right seat position that allows you to comfortably reach the pedals and the steering wheel. Adjust the back of the seat so that both the driver and passenger sit in an upright position. Sitting in an upright position considerably reduces injuries in an accident.

Sit Properly in the Car

Many people call Los Angeles car accident lawyer for help, telling us they were sitting improperly in their vehicles at the time of the accident. Although it’s not a crime to sit in unusual positions inside of a vehicle, it is important to sit in a straight position with both feet flat on the floor while operating a car or if you are the passenger inside of an automobile. Sitting in this position allows the safety features included in each vehicle to operate properly. A person who sits with their feet on the dashboard reduces the effectiveness of the safety features, including airbags and seat belts and puts themselves at risk of greater injuries as a result.

Pay Attention to the Road

The most practical way to prevent a Los Angeles accident is by simply paying attention to the road. Many people need the help of Los Angeles truck accident lawyer or car accident lawyer after a distracted driving accident. When you're driving, it’s the only activity that should have your attention. Even when you follow all laws and rules of the road, other drivers may not. Pay attention to the road, other drivers, road conditions, and what’s ahead for the best accident prevention possible.

Contact auto accident attorney in Los Angeles immediately if you’re injured in an auto accident.

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