Apr 4, 2020

Infographic: Role of Vestibular Rehabilitation in Meniere Disease

Meniere disease is an inner ear disorder which can lead to hearing loss or vertigo. In most of the cases, disease affects to only one ear. The disease is also called as tinnitus i.e. the sensation of roaring sounds within the ear, fluctuation in hearing and a pain inside the ear. Meniere disease can occur at any age but mostly seen in adults within the age group of 40 to 60 years. 
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This attach might stay longer for 20 minutes to 24 hours.  In some patients, the attack is noticed in frequency of many attacks each week or attacks will be noticed with longer duration by week, month or even in years at times. This behavior of the disease makes the physicians difficult to analyze the major cause of the disease.

As of now there is no such treatment found to identify the major cause of the disease. However, there are a few medical treatments that can help manage it.

Vestibular rehabilitation is one such physiotherapy treatment to help you manage the pain. Various tests is conducted by trained physiotherapists and depending upon the patient’s strength customized exercise program is organized.

Read the infographic below to know the symptoms of the disease and role of vestibular rehabilitation.

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