Apr 10, 2020

Stay Safe and Positive during the Pandemic

Currently, almost all countries in the world are experiencing hard times. The rapid and massive spread of covid-19 has become a global challenge. In my country, Indonesia, thousands of people are infected and under surveillance while hundreds have passed away. Relying on medical Safety supplies as the shield against virus attacks, medical personnel are at the forefront of trying their utmost to treat and cure lots of infected patients. 

We must help ease their heavy burden, those who endanger themselves in public health facilities. Nothing else, prevention must be done and everyone must help and take care of each other to fight covid-19 and participate in healing the world. 
Disposable Masks
What can we do anyway? What are the right responses? Too panicked and anxious is really unnecessary. Always be careful, think positively and adopt a healthy lifestyle are very important. Keeping a physical distance and avoiding crowds are included in efforts to stay safe. The safest is to stay at home until the chain of virus transmission is broken. The movement of #Stay at Home puts forward the concept of distance limitation to decrease the spread of the virus. This is significant to prevent the surge of patients at the same time since the capacities of health facilities are limited.

Don't be lazy to wash your hands often with soap and running water; warn everyone who lives with you. Use protective face mask each time you have to go outside for essential matters. I have watched a video message from the Czech Republic, one of the few countries in Europe that has significantly reduced the spread of this corona virus. The key is every citizen in Czech is disciplined to wear a mask when outside home. How important it is to wear a mask during the pandemic!
Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer Body Temperature Gun
Using masks, everyone will protect one another. Fabric face masks, disposable masks such as featured above or dust masks –whichever- it can save lives. I protect you, you protect me; we are both save. You should also check daily the body temperature of all your family members; in this case, non-contact infrared thermometer is the safest tool to use.

No less important is maintaining mental health. Reduce watching, reading or listening to news that makes you anxious. Search for information from only trusted sources and try to find related news only 1-2 times a day at certain times. The continuous information of the plague will make anyone worried. Stress, panic and other negative thoughts have been proved to weaken the immune system and make it unable to fight the virus. While positive thoughts and mood will help strengthen and protect the immune system. 

So, we must be sure that this pandemic will pass and we will all be survived. Stay positive, stay safe.

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