Aug 20, 2018

5 Reasons Getting Ready-Made Clothes Is a Better Idea than Getting Them Stitched


Clothing is one of the industries that will never go out of business. Do you know why? Well, because people are always going to wear clothes that make them look and feel good. You can get your clothes tailored or simply buy ready-made items; it is a personal choice. Whatever the process is, the end product should make you feel and look beautiful. This article is going to lay out the five main reasons why ready-to-wear clothing is a more suitable choice than getting your clothes tailored yourself.

  1. Lighter On The Pocket
The increasing cost of living has rendered everything more expensive than it was before. So, if you go for tailoring your own clothes, the road is not going to show mercy to your pocket. You will have to buy the fabric and give it to your tailor. The fabric is not very cheap to buy. Moreover, if you do not just want a plain dress, you will need to buy some adornments like laces, tassels or beads for your dress. Laces and beads may seem very little things but they actually cost you a lot. Then comes the part to pay your tailor. Tailors charge a great deal of money and if you told them any specific instructions for your dress, they are going to charge you more for that. Contrarily, ready-made clothes will cost you way less than all the stages of tailoring combined.

  1. Saves You The Stress
All that struggle in finding the right fabric and finding the matching adornments for it will make you stressful. You will have to pay multiple visits to the market, go into every shop you see and look for the right things for your dress. Even if you are a fan of shopping, this is not going to be a walk in the park. Imagine going to the market three times and still not getting your hands on the beads you wanted for your dress. Well, the stress is going to be your companion throughout the shopping experience. However, the ready-made clothes will not cause you any stress and you will find all of it, in one piece, at one place. How convenient is that?

  1. Saves Your Time
Not everyone is free to make frequent trips to the market every now and then. You will be spending a lot of time outside. This will make you compromise on other important tasks and if you are a working person, this may leave you tired and exhausted from all the double work you will be doing. You will have to go from place to place and this process can take you hours and sometimes even days. Afterwards, these trips will be replaced by daily visits to the tailor to check up on the dress or when he needs something else for the dress you ordered. On the contrary, when we talk about the ready-to-wear dresses, we see that it is very time-saving and you can buy them even online, by sitting at your own home or office through some amazing online stores which have what you need for 4th of July and other occasions!

  1. All Tailors Are Not Experts
Thanks to the flourishing fashion industry, we have developed some special tastes in clothing. We want to put an impression through our fashionable clothing which is a good thing but not  good news for our tailors. They may not be able to execute the designs we want and we can end up with a very different design than what we asked for. Also, not all tailors can work with minimum instructions. If you see a beautiful red dress in a boutique and ask them to stitch you one exactly like that, there are chances they will mess the length or the cut up. Plus, by the time you get it, almost nothing can be done and you have to make peace with the very odd design. So, buying ready-made stitched clothes can be very easy.

  1. Lack of Designs
Well, if you wish to wear pretty clothes but you cannot come up with unique and fancy styles yourself, ready-to-wear is the option for you. Ready-made clothes are rich in design and versatility unlike tailored clothes that will depend solely on your instructions.

These were the reasons why ready-to-wear is preferred over tailored. Although there are several online stores these days, people still prefer to buy clothes personally by going to stores.

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