Aug 28, 2018

Travel Blogger looks from Kerry Parker

When you are a travel blogger, destinations just become the beginning. Every location has a story to tell, and thus it deserves a communicator who knows his/her facts right. Moreover, your travel book deserves a fashion, forward individual.

Beaches are usually filled with salty ocean breeze and a lot of fun activities. Along with being fashionable, comfort matters the most in such situations. Be it a volley ball match out in the sun or a bon fire event, what you wear is all that makes the difference. 

1. Alpha Flower Power shirt:

This piece is a classic investment in itself. One can never go wrong with a white shirt. This piece from Kerry Parker ups the game with intricate floral detailing on the pocket, balancing the sexy white shirt look with that of a casual and feminine one. Pair it up with your all-time comfortable denim shorts and go bare feet to enjoy the sun and sand. If that is not the look you want, go for a high slit flowy skirt bottom alternative. Top it off with a hat to save your face from the sun. You can pair the shirt with one of the statement ties to give it a spin off or wear a padded bralette beneath it and keep the shirt open.

2. Graphic Tie: Retro Colour Block

Statement ties are an obsession, and contrary to what you think these statement ties can be paired with anything. This piece is an absolute essential in a fashionista's wardrobe given the fact that this versatile item will have eyes catching from all directions. This pop of colour gives life to any outfit which and will put red lipstick to shame. If you plan to style this on the beach, then how about spicing it up with a plain white bikini top and white Capri or white flowy pants. You can also style it with a light coloured padded bralette and an open shirt.
3. Floral cape princess dress:

Campfire times are the best part of every beach trip. No matter how hot it is in the morning, once the sun sets down, campfires give the perfect warmth in the chilly environment. After a daylong of activities around the beach, it’s time to relax and unwind yourself. The limited edition Floral Cape Princess dress from Kerry Parker is the perfect partner in this situation. As you lay in the lap of seashells and soothing waves of the sea, experience the ultimate pleasure of being with nature. Pair it up with flats or flip-flops.
4. Butterfly Trail Tulle Strappy Dress:

A surprise beach party! You have nothing to worry about. This piece from Kerry Parker is an all-time saviour to make up for your fashion crisis. This dress works charms in a bonfire party. The strappy dress gives it a sexy look while the tulle softens the situation, giving it an overall balanced party look. To add to that, you have butterflies on it to sync your dress with your surroundings. Pair this outfit with flip-flops. You can also add your favourite embellished fishnet or tulle socks from Kerry Parker to add to the look.
No event is an event worth not dressing up for. Being a travel blogger, the challenge only becomes bigger. Because of a lot of fan following, becoming an idol figure is a tough job. But once one starts to enjoy the process, it is all a piece of cake. Dress to impress yourself first, the world can always keep their opinions to themselves.

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