Sep 1, 2018

Do You Want Your Grubby Upholstery Look Good as New Again?

Actually, upholstery means the whole materials –fabric, padding, webbing and springs- which compose the soft, padded covering that fixed to chairs, sofas, couches and other furniture. Upholstered furniture always favored as it provides comfort, beauty and luxury to your home. For example, couches can be seen in living room or television room in many households. You love to spend relaxed times yourself or with family in the comfort of your favorite couches, right? But it is no fun anymore to lounge on it if the well-worn couches become dirty.

Over times, due to daily wear, different things might build up on the couch. Oil, dust, food crumbs, spilled drink, kid’s sweat, pet tracks and pet hairs are some common causes that make your couch smelly and darkened. Well, do you want to have your clean, shiny and comfy couch again?    
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Start cleaning the couch by vacuuming the entire parts to remove dust and debris on the surface of the couch and cushions. Use the proper attachment to take away mounting particles in hard-to-reach spots like nooks and crannies. For pet owners, if vacuuming can’t get rid of the whole clingy pet hair, try using a lint roller to pick them up.

When it comes to clean couch stains, the sooner you handle it, the better. Make sure first what the fabric is by checking the label on the couch to know the suggested cleaning method. If you see “W” or “WS” code on the label, you can apply water-based cleaner.  So, for the first attempt to handle fresh stains on fabric upholstery, you can try homemade stain and odor remover (a mix of white vinegar, liquid dish soap, baking soda and water that stored in a spray bottle). Once an accident happens, spray the solution on the dirty spot, dab with a soft cloth until the stain elevated. Take out the soap with other damp cloth; then dry out the spot with a towel. When your DIY cleaning solution doesn’t work, consider deep cleaning method as a way out to clean stubborn stain.

Let’s say that you have removed the couch stain and vacuumed the couch every week but its grubby look still exists. The couch surface seems dust-free but you notice an increase in allergies lately. Well, those are clear signs that your couch needs immediate professional clean. In this case, for the sake of your family’s health, let the right people do the deep cleaning job for you. Using the latest steam cleaning technology and equipment which involves hot water extraction mixed with effective yet harmless solution, they will clean and sanitize your couch in safe way.

If you reside in Melbourne, you can get help of skilled, trained, experienced and certified people that offer steam cleaning Melbourne to handle your upholstery cleaning needs on a regular basis. You can benefit from their expertise and let them solve the problems. Family’s health is always becoming top priority; thus getting professional cleaner is the right way to improve the health of your loved ones. Your couch will be spotless along with clean from dangerous allergens and micro organism. Say goodbye to your grubby couch!

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