Sep 23, 2018

Opt for Vinyl Flooring to Revive Dining Room on a Budget

The most important function of a dining room is to bring people together over meal and talk. Many homeowners use their dining room to invite and entertain guests as nowadays, dinner parties have become routine in one’s social life. Let’s say that your turn to host a dinner party for close relatives and friends is next month. You decide to hold it at your own home dining room since you prefer to serve your guests in more personal, warm and friendly ambiance. 

To impress your closest people, you plan to renew the look of your dining room. With a few modern updates, a dining room will be more comfortable, spacious, efficient and pleasing to the eye. You can add new energy to the dining room with simple ideas such as adding new colors, textures and fabrics.
Unfortunately you can’t afford expensive changes, therefore only easy budget ideas which are on your mind.  To make the room appear much wider, one of the most recommended ways is combining properly light floor and light wall. Thus you need to change the old dark grey tiling floor with the new floor in lighter tone. When searching for the best budget friendly floor options, you will stumble on vinyl flooring among others that much favored by savvy homeowners. So why don’t you try vinyl to cover your dining room floor? In this case, you can choose high quality Quick-Step vinyl flooring to access all innovative features for enjoying optimal result.

We know that the floor will become the foundation of the room interior. Quick-Step Ambient Click flooring in light shades  could be the right vinyl flooring options to bring sunnier feeling, together with elegant and airy ambiance to your dining room. Moreover, this type of vinyl floor provides you with extraordinary features that will support you to make a successful party.

Well girls, check out the offered features that fit for your revived dining room:

-100% waterproof as it made of first-rate synthetic materials. The floor is prepared for any drink and food spill.

-The patented Scratch Guard and Stain Guard technology protect the floor surface from whatever possible impact. The floor will be able to bear up all activities in the room.

-The antistatic joints and perfectly sealed floor surface make vinyl floor easy to clean and maintain. The floor will not catch dust.

-Long lasting usage with at least 25 year warranty.

-Its warm, soft, glossy and natural-look surface creates inviting and welcoming ambiance.  It feels comfortable to walk on.

-The sound-reducing vinyl core makes annoying sound of footsteps will be much reduced.

-Easy to install with the patented solid click system.

No doubt that the right chosen vinyl flooring that welcomes guests and withstands all activities will assist you to make the party enjoyable!

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