Sep 10, 2018

Dress Your Kids with Denim

All parents know that kid’s clothes should be safe and comfortable to wear. If you are one of big fans of denim outfits; it is most likely that you want to dress your boy or girl with denim too. Denim fabric is used to be very stiff and heavy; it is not the type of fabric that suitable for kids. But happily, currently you can already find a variety of denim kid’s clothes that include denim kids coats, shirt, pants, dresses, skirts and others.
Wool Hooded Zipper Warm Outwear (age 3-11 years old) –price:US$17.74
Of course, jeans for kids are different with the raw denim usually used for adults.  Since safety and comfort are things in mind when choosing kid’s clothes, denim for kids should be safe, light weight and twill weave. It should be pre-washed first to make its surface softer. Safe denim means it made of allergen-free materials. Denim that made of organic cotton is one of the best jeans for kids.
Denim T-Shirt Bowknot Ornament Red Pants Sets (age 1-7 years old)– price:US$ 14.76
Cartoon Car Print Round Neck Sets (age 1,5-7 years old)- price:US$15.95
Dress your kids with denim is so much fun. Let’s say that your kid is a boy. Use denim jackets to create different cute layered looks that he will love. You can mix the jacket with his round neck tees, shirts or other outerwear like sweaters and hoodies.  The denim jacket will improve your boy’s look at once. 

Is it hard to find denim clothes for kids? Not at all. Just go online to access Popreal collection that focuses on safe, exclusive and high quality newborn, toddlers and kids clothing. I have seen the boys clothes sets collection there; you can find a variety of denim pants and shirts that combined with other piece of clothes and accessories.  For your ideas in dressing your boy with denim, I feature here different choices from Popreal collection that I love.  

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