Sep 3, 2018

Tips to Choose a Unique Halloween Costume

Have you decided what you want to buy for this 2018 Halloween yet? With so many options, we won’t blame you if you just can’t make up your mind. Still, Halloween is less than two months away. The good news is, we’ve got some visual tips for your Halloween costumes search.
Search Information on the Internet

Know exactly what costume pieces and accessories you're getting before buying. You should write down a list carefully and detail everything that is included so there are no surprises. As with any consumer goods, read the return and exchange policy before making a purchase.

Choose Costumes Depending on the Weather

Before you buy, think about what the weather may be like on October 31. Leotards and tights help little girls stay warm underneath a skirted costume. For boys or girls, long sleeve T-shirts under their costumes add a layer of warmth.

Choose Your Right Size

Keep in mind that a children's size 4-6 is the clothing size, not an age range. For any Halloween costume, the sizes of women's costumes are based on dress sizes, while the sizes for men's costumes are based on jacket sizes.

Order Costumes Early

Don't wait until the last minute to purchase a Halloween costume, especially if you're ordering online. Baby costumes should always be bought early. If you do buy early, calculate the age the baby will be on Halloween and buy the costume based on his or her expected size. This goes for all infants and kids, too. And don't wait to find costumes for teens and adults. Those go fast as well.

Try it on

Take the costume out of the bag well before October 31, just in case it doesn't fit. Steam or iron the costume before wearing it. Treat a Halloween costume like an outfit for a special event. That's the way to make the most of it.

Combine with Accessories

Add gloves or a hat to help make the same costume look different from one night to the next. Plus, adding different accessories is a cheaper alternative than purchasing two costumes.

The most important thing to remember about popular costumes is that they're popular! Chances are a classic will be spotted a few times at any given gathering, so if you're going this route, make sure you really stand out with completely original makeup or an unexpected element.

Halloween is just around the corner, and your child is probably begging to pick out a costume. Whether your child wants to be a superhero, a princess or an emoji, picking the right Halloween costumes can make for a fun and safe Holidays. Have a happy Halloween!

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