Sep 11, 2018

These Are The 6 Looks For The Week And Prom Dresses By Jovani

The holidays are about to end and so does the prom week alongside your desire to figure out what to wear when classes return. In itself, there are two types of girls: Those who get anxious and plan their outfits for each day of the week and those who don't want to worry much about this issue. Whatever the case, there are ways to have great, comfortable clothing combinations because to have trendy clothes and designer Prom Dresses it's not necessary to invest huge amounts of money.

The advantage of the prom week is that being the first week of classes, it is much less strict than the rest of the year; the main thing will be the coexistence and interaction between freshman, senior and teachers. Select your dress in advance for the party while taking advantage of what you have in your closet to make the best fashion statements and show them off at the parade, the football game, combine with beautiful shoes Seventeen Magazine style.

Have A Stylish Prom Week...

1. Monday: Coveralls Come To Me

One of the items that you should have as an essential element during prom is the overalls without stamping or patches. They fulfill almost the same function as a dress, but it allows you to generate a greater contrast because they give you the opportunity to wear a top or shirt underneath. Also, your Instagram posts and stories will have a glamorous 90's vibe!

2. Tuesday: An Accessory Changes Everything

We are confident in stating that the garments that you have most in your closet are t-shirts and jeans. You may think they are too simple and will not generate much impact, however, with the right accessories (without overloading) you can make your outfit stand out and feel comfortable at the same time without thinking so much.

3. Wednesday: There Are Never Enough Printed T-shirt:

We continue with our tour of the garments that take us out of trouble, and we could not stop mentioning the printed t-shirts. Embossed T-shirts with prints save you the task of figuring out how to combine them because, to achieve the look all you need to do is add a jean, skirt or a pair of shorts.

4. Thursday: Long Jackets, Perfect For Everything:

Another garment that will make you look great in your day to day classes are the long jackets. These garments can have prints or not and they will continue to look great with jeans, shorts or skirts. There are days when we do not feel like wearing tight clothes, that is when your jacket arrives to save the day making you look flawlessly stylish.

5. Friday: Blazer

A blazer has always been considered a basic garment, since it gives a formal touch to any outfit and looks good with jeans, pants, suit, skirt, shorts, over a sweater and many other options. It is ideal for the classy girls who still do everything possible to look stunning.

The idea of ​​a blazer is to embellish your look; you can replace a sweater or a jacket. In colors like black, navy blue, gray, beige and white are the basic blazers that will always combine with everything, could even be considered some as timeless.

6. Saturday: It’s Party Time

A dress always enhances your feminine side, apart from being an eternal trend thanks to the work of great design houses that refresh their patterns, cuts, and fabrics every season. Also, there are fashion houses like Jovani - specialized in gowns for all events in a girl's life - that provide great options for Prom Dresses. We have compiled the two ultimate alternatives for two different girls.

     Artsy: For a girl that loves to show unconditional love to her own style, opting for risky and extreme designs. Amidst the models that best suit the artsy style we find the Aqua Paillette Short Sleeve Cocktail Dress; large sequins with ombre design, part of the collection of Prom Dresses by Jovani, is perfect for dancing all night long.

     Classic: The classic style projects the image of a woman in balance, rich in culture, sticking to her values. The piece that fits perfectly is the Black Long Sleeve Lace Cocktail Dress, with beautiful patterns, it gives a sober to get your pictures taken.

Are you ready to apply these tips and have the best week of your life?

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