Sep 18, 2018

How technology can help improve education

In today’s world, technology is becoming more and more reliant on internet access to accomplish its intended purpose. Educational websites, cloud services, and many other useful tools can only be accessed if you’re in a computer lab or a WiFi hotspot happens to be nearby. Think about how much productivity can be achieved if your school had campus wide WiFi. Today you will find out why WiFi is needed in school.

What is school about? The answer is learning, and the biggest collection of information on the planet is only a few clicks away, assuming you have access to the world wide web. If schools had WiFi available to students and teachers, the way that people learn could be revolutionized. With resources such as study tools, collaborative tools, and many others, the possibilities are endless. If a student has trouble learning a certain way from a particular teacher then they could use the internet to find the information that was being discussed in seconds which may help them better understand the topic at hand. Teachers could also use various tools to teach students if they had WiFi readily available If we begin to form habits of incorporating technology in our efforts to learn, the future generations will become even smarter. Schools can begin to build infrastructure and begin to create a promising future for the education system. Parents are already giving their kids smart devices. It would be foolish for schools to not take advantage of this fact and start incorporating these devices into their teaching plans. The ability to share information throughout the cloud makes having multiple smart devices convenient, and will only make students use their resources more wisely.

What else can WiFi help with? Papers! School is full of papers that you have to write, and before cloud based word processors your paper was stuck on the computer you began typing it on unless you owned a flash drive. With the introduction of cloud based services such as Google Docs you can take your paper with you anywhere on your phone, tablet, or laptop, assuming you have WiFi. When you begin to write papers you need sources. Where is the best place to get sources? The Internet, of course. Students need access to these resources to begin writing their papers and what better place to start than the school itself. Enabling students to start on their papers early will help students to use their time more wisely. If students had access to the cloud they could access their papers and projects and would have no excuse for late submissions. In addition, papers could be instantly submitted when completed. There are also many programs across the web that will help critique your writing, and will help you improve your overall writing. Google Slides make making presentations even easier as you can access them from anywhere with access to the web. Google Sheets accomplishes the same thing, but with spreadsheets. All of these programs and websites come together to make writing papers and completing other projects very easy.

One last thing that WiFi can help with is teamwork. Programs such as google docs offer features that allow students to simultaneously modify documents. With the ability to access the entire web, various students can research different topics at once which improves efficiency in the classroom. Students can combine all of this to complete projects together in a timely manner.

WiFi is the future of education. If schools continue to ignore the advancing technology of today’s world they will be left behind as the world continues to advance. Students will begin to miss opportunities if schools continue this way. Studies from RouterInstructions have shown that technology will only become more reliant on wireless internet as time goes on.

As you can see, schools would greatly benefit from the addition of WiFi. With it, learning can be vastly improved and the future generations can be made smarter. Management of projects and assignments can be improved, and without it schools will fall behind and begin to hurt their students. It is an amazing and very smart investment. WiFi can become the biggest and most useful tool for schools, teachers, and students everywhere if schools will only accept it and give it a chance.

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