Sep 27, 2018

Moving Yourself Made Easy

No doubt that moving home means lots of works to do. Yet in your case, you will move alone to a small apartment to get near your office location. The easiest way to move is getting professional help and let them all the jobs for you. But for your smaller move, you can do it by yourself –perhaps with a bit help of friends and relatives on the moving day. One more important thing, you will need a trailer to ease your move.

First, you should know how many personal items and how much weight that you will bring to the new place. Start packing your required belongings into boxes a few weeks before to know how many boxes that you must load when moving. Pack up first the items that you don’t use at this time but you will need them in the apartment. Don’t forget to add labels on every box to ease your unpacking.

Let’s say that your father in a search of trailers for sale to find the right trailer to carry your mattress and several moving boxes.  If you live in Melbourne or Sydney, you can recommend Balance Trailers so that he can own a long-lasting and high quality galvanized trailer at best price. The trailer is assured with 12 month warranty and affordable repair service when needed. After your move, he can use the trailer for other purposes such as for different DIY projects, home renovations and landscaping.
trailers for sale

8×5 Heavy Duty Trailer With Brake ATM1400kg -PRICE: $2000

Make sure that a hitch is already installed on your dad’s SUV.  The towing capacity of larger cars like SUV is up to 2500 kg. According to the vehicle’s towing capacity, your dad can choose the heavy duty box trailer type with the hitch weight class up to 2300 kg/5000 pounds (Class III).  

If only use for small moving, a light trailer is already able to carry your lighter loads. But since it will be used for other purposes in the future, choosing the trailer that able to carry larger loads is the right decision.  The suggested trailer size that suitable for apartment moving is 8mx5m. There is adequate space to carry items such as boxes, electronic appliances, a small sofa, a bed and others.  

Equip the trailer with canvas cover and lock to protect your goods from the weather and dirt along the way. When loading, place 60% of the loads at the front part of the trailer; it will keep away the trailer from swinging during towing on the road. Moving yourself with trailer is a great solution indeed.

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