Oct 17, 2010

Coral Plant

Red Jatropha Multifida is the botanical name. Other common names: Physic Nut or Guatemala Rhubarb. We use to call it Jatrofa here. It isn’t my best shots. I captured it from a rather far distance; as I often fail taking picture of butterflies. Have you noticed that one butterfly has broken wings?

Coral plant is a quick growing evergreen shrub with a single trunk, a loose, spreading crown and a typical height in cultivation of 6-10'. The leaves are dark green above and lighter beneath. The flowers are reminiscent of red coral and borne in flat-topped clusters on long stalks held above the foliage. Coral plant blossoms on and off all year long, mostly during hot weather.

I share these pictures for
Today's Flowers; you’ll find many beautiful flowers from around the world there.

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Chubskulit Rose October 18, 2010  
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CaptainRunner October 18, 2010  

Yes, I noticed the broken wings of the butterfly.. I hope she's okay.

Jama October 18, 2010  

Pretty flower and butterfly! I've noticed the broken wings too, hope it will survive .

Anonymous October 18, 2010  

Oh!! those flowers look similar with the ginseng flower.. hmm.. or are they the same. hehehe...

Please check out mine, too. I'd really appreciate it if you could also drop a comment. =)


Hezy October 18, 2010  

beautiful flowers, i've never seen this flower before. thanks for share...

eden October 18, 2010  

beautiful flower and pretty butterfly.

kathy October 18, 2010  
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Anonymous October 18, 2010  

interesting, thanks

Unknown October 18, 2010  

Absolutely inspiring and oh so beautiful~
A wonderful sharing....thank you~

Goyang Karawang October 18, 2010  

kupu2 liar :D

ito October 18, 2010  

:) nice post
i always love butterly :)
they are so beautifull
thank for comment my blog :)

Reanaclaire October 18, 2010  

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Ruth October 18, 2010  

Apa khabar, Lina?

This is a very informative post. Thanks for sharing more info about this lovely flower.


Ana Cristina October 19, 2010  

Beautiful and quite exotic flower!

Mommy Mayonnaise October 19, 2010  

I think it's a common kind of flower. I can find lots of them here too

kim October 19, 2010  

wow! lovely flower...

Yen October 19, 2010  

Now I know that this flower is a coral plant. I wonder what happened with the other wings of the butterfly that you were able to captured Ms.L.

Anonymous October 24, 2010  

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