Oct 1, 2010

Sky Watch : Salak Mountain

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Salak Mountain is a volcano located on the West Java, Indonesia. This mountain has several peaks, including Peak Salak Salak I and II. Administratively, Mount Salak is included Sukabumi and Bogor area.

If the weather is bright, this mountain can be seen clearly from my city (Bogor, West Java). The clear view is a seldom thing, as Salak Mountain peaks are more often covered by clouds.

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Linda October 01, 2010  

We both have a volcano in our Skywatch post! But I think yours is much bigger than mine.

EG CameraGirl October 01, 2010  

The city is nestled at the foot of the mountain. Lovely. Is the volcano an active one?

Kim, USA October 01, 2010  

I hope that volcano is dormant. Great shot!
Blue sky

Anonymous October 01, 2010  

I too am hoping that volcano is dormant. It looks close to a crowded city.

Laura October 01, 2010  

beautiful photo! I love the way the peaks undulate across the horizon.

Chubskulit Rose October 01, 2010  

Beautiful shot of the mountain!

My Skywatch, have a nice weekend!

witular October 01, 2010  

wew nice photo, ilke it the view is so real (maaf kalo bahas inggrisnya ancur)

eileeninmd October 01, 2010  

Wonderful shot of the volcano. Great that the clouds stayed away.

eden October 01, 2010  

Wow, this is a beautiful capture, Lina!

Have a great weekend.

Ifan Qomarudin October 01, 2010  

Another beautiful view of Indonesia, green & cold.

Anonymous October 01, 2010  

What a lovely shot!

budiawanhutasoit October 01, 2010  

hoho...miss gunung salak much...mengingatkan saya pas masih kuliah di bogor dulu...
fotonya bagus...

Goyang Karawang October 02, 2010  

sepertinya gunung ini identik dengan buah salak.. mungkinkah ada dongeng yang menyatakan bahwa asal usul gunung ini adalah buah salak yg dikutuk jadi gunung hehe

Yen October 02, 2010  

Nice catch here of a mountain. Green is beautiful.

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