Oct 11, 2010

White Flowers

It’s a pity, I don’t know the flower’s name. I have browsed for a while to search it; but still no result yet. All I know is they are lovely ones. I captured it near the fish pond at my grand father’s house. I forgot to ask the name. Can you identify it?

Today's Flowers

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Carletta October 11, 2010  

I can't name it but it is lovely!
You captuered some nice light too.

DeniseinVA October 11, 2010  

Lovely indeed! Your photos are great, thanks for sharing.

Larry October 11, 2010  

It carries an interesting and lovely combo of colors... L

LifeRamblings October 11, 2010  

i've tons of these flowers in my back yard. they are white alder and it's official name is Turnera subulata.

Chubskulit Rose October 11, 2010  


Fox Gloves Flowers

julicavero October 11, 2010  

how many flower do u have?hehe

Unknown October 11, 2010  

it looks fragile and delicate and beautiful.

Hezy October 11, 2010  

sorry friend, can't help you ^_-

baca manga naruto hinata October 12, 2010  

bunga yang indah..!!! aku juga suka bunga..!!!

Dhemz October 12, 2010  

awwwwww..totally magnificent...love it!

Ana Cristina October 12, 2010  

Lovely picture!!

Female Stuff October 12, 2010  

White flowers still look fabulous, but I prefer the colorful ones :)

antigonum cajan November 11, 2010  

This Turnera is one of my top twenty species among the one hundred collection.

Along with Turnera ulmiforme/diffusa other two present in my intercontinenal garden.

Subulata is different since it does not self seeds.
It has to be propagated by stem.
With or without rooting hormones.

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