Jul 20, 2010

Money Etiquette Issues (2)

Here are the other money etiquettes (written by Teri Cettina) for you, check it out...
3. Paying for Advice
Trouble: A colleague is an interior designer―or an accountant, an attorney, or another type of professional―and you want her expert opinion. Should you pay her?
Solution: You should. Many people assume that it’s rational for asking for free help. In fact, it doesn't. Definitely plan to pay for your friend's professional time and advice, even if she's enthusiastic about her job. If she doesn't bring it up first, say, “How are we going to take care of the business side of this? Will you draw up a contract that outlines what you'll do and how much you'll charge?"

That way, you won't be surprised when the bill comes. If your friend offers a little decorating advice, helps with your taxes, or draws up a will for you for free, a gracious way to show your thanks is with a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant or an invitation to your house for dinner.
4. Lending Money to Friends
Trouble: You lent a heavy sum to a friend. After she misses a payment or two, she shows up with an expensive new handbag. Do you say anything?

Solution: Yes, but don't make presumptions. She may have received the purse as a gift, or perhaps she just got a raise and is ready to pay you off. It's tempting to confront her angrily, but express concern instead. Say, “This is bothering me, and I don't want it to come between us. But you missed a payment to me, and now I see you with a $300 purse. I'm wondering what's going on. Could we talk about it?'

That might be enough to convince your friend to get back on track with payments. If not, you may have just learned an expensive lesson: Never lend money to friends. It’s better to assume it as gift and not expecting it back. That's much less awkward.

Source: realsimple.com

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MisterXWebz July 20, 2010  

Yes, friendships may be more valuable than just money, but still must be vigilant...

With Smile

downloadscenters.com July 20, 2010  

Nice post sist...

MinnieRunner July 21, 2010  

Oh, lending money to friends. I'm a victim. They just forget it, and I don't. And I can't bring up the issue. :(

etam grecek July 21, 2010  

yg ke 4 repot jg tuh mbak,,udah utang belum byar eh datang pamer barang baru.....
wah katang bang roma irama......SUNGGUH TERLALU!!!!

Eden July 22, 2010  

Great post, Lina
Have a nice day.

Yen July 22, 2010  

this is a good post, Im learning here:-)

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