Jul 28, 2010

Money Etiquette Issues (3)

5.Contributing to Group Gifts

Trouble: The birthday of your child’s teacher is a few days left. Some of the other parents want to get an expensive group gift for the teacher, and it's more than you are able to spend. Speak up or pay up?

Solution: If one of the moms or dads in your child's class has already purchased the generous gift and is announcing what each family owes, you can thank the person for making such a nice choice but tell her/him, “We already had another gift in mind, so we won't be able to contribute”.

Then you can buy something in your own price range. The other option: If the present is still being decided upon and you'd like to make the case for something more modest, send a friendly group e-mail to all the parents. Make a specific suggestion, such as a gift certificate to the teacher's favorite coffee shop, with a suggested per-person contribution. If they all agree, offer to pick up the gift yourself.

6. Paying Your Way
: A few friends make more money than you do, and they brush aside your sincere efforts to pay your way. You feel like a charity case. How do you handle it?

Solution: Let people be generous, and you can find creative, inexpensive ways to give in return. People who have money to spare are often thrilled to share their good fortune with friends.

And if your wealthy patrons had leaner days, someone may have done the same for them. Be gracious and say "thank you." How? A simple photo album of your trip together or an inexpensive basket of homemade goodies is a lovely gesture. And don't shy away from inviting these friends to do things that are cheaper. Real friends just want to spend time with you. Cost is not the issue.

Source: realsimple.com

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