Jul 2, 2010

Make A Safest Arena for Your Horses!

If you have your own horses; you surely concern with their safety. Moreover, most arenas are less safe for your horses as it has poor and coarse surfaces. Imagine how high the accident risk can happen to your horses!

Have you ever heard of Rubber Mulch that produced by RubberRecycle? In fact, it is made from 100% scrap tires that has been processed into small granules. This new invention functions well as land surfacing; since Rubber Mulch can absorb shocks better.

For your horses’ safety, comfort, and better performance, you should install Surefoot™ Equestrian Arena Footing. It is manufactured and totally designed by RubberRecycle to make your arena harmless.

Using Surefoot™ Equestrian for your arena footing will give you many benefits. It provides softness surface along the years and protection to your horses by its high shock absorption capacity. Your horses’ legs and joints would be protected! You get the most thickness and safest arena surfacing; but in the most cost effective way. Isn’t it great?

Surefoot™ Equestrian Arena Footing is non-toxic, so, it is totally safe for your horses. It has other benefits like reducing mud and dust, enhancing your horses’ performance, and retaining water. There won’t be a muddy arena anymore! For getting more detailed information, I suggest you to visit the website. Contact them every time you need their help!

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