Jul 12, 2010

Best Source of the Latest Reverse Mortgage News for You

Have you ever been familiar with reverse mortgage? If you’re a senior citizen and you need to add your income; reverse mortgage can be your best solution. This kind of financing is offered to seniors 62 years and older. A reverse mortgage is a loan that draws the equity out of your home. It can give you additional income in a monthly payment, lump sum or home equity line of credit. Until you sell or leave your home, your money will not be paid back.

The big benefit that you can get from a reverse mortgage is gaining extra income while still living at the home. When you are thinking to apply a reverse mortgage, you should consider many things before. That’s why it’s much suggested if you get
reverse mortgages counseling at Omni Reverse Mortgage, the best source of the latest in reverse mortgage news.

Omni Reverse Mortgage will help you to answer all questions about the terms of the loan and other related things. At the website, you can also try to use a reverse mortgage calculator. The tool will help you to find out how much the equity of your home and how much money that you can obtain from it. Don’t hesitate to visit Omni Reverse Mortgage every time you need the latest knowledge on reverse mortgage!

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